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He breathed in the sea salt out and exhaled with a smile. The scene was an unspoiled wonderland of joyous auras. Laughter permeated the air as Kou took in the sight. He could dig the beach. But there was a reason he was here. In all honesty the reason mad him squeal on the inside like a schoolgirl.

Kou didn't care that he was acting like an overgrown child. He was being asked to contact spirits. He was being asked to find the kraken. This was the best mission ever. Then again, there were people missing, so maybe not the best mission ever, but you know, definitely one of the better ones.

Of course he didn't show it, his idiotic grinning was enough to make people question his sanity, still he couldn't deny his excitement to chat with some of the departed locals in the area. He hummed to himself a cheerful tune as he shoved his hands in his pockets and began to wonder. He felt good here in a place that was mostly full of joy, his blue eyes gazed over to a girl who seemed to not be noticed by the beach goers.

Well... this was a mostly happy place.

He slowed down his gate seeing her stare vacantly at the people who didn't seem to see her. Her outdated swimming dress that covered her little arms and legs, her hair was soaked to the bone. Her body shivered as she silently stood there, not seeming sure of what to do.

It was obvious what had happened, and it wasn't recent. Who knew how long she had been standing there, just waiting for someone to explain what happened to her.

He couldn't draw attention to himself by chatting with her, so he had to be subtle. Which was a word Kou had a limited understanding of, but since this was a mission he just may grasp it enough to get away with it by the skin of his teeth.

Of course he doubted that the girl saw anything, but seeing the poor thing look so lost after an untold amount of years made him approach her anyways. Maybe, just maybe, he could sidetrack for a few minutes, once she knew what had happened she could move on and he could refocus on the Kraken and finding potential spiritual witnesses.

It was mostly clear around where she stood minus a young couple with their daughter. They seemed too preoccupied with making sure the toddler stayed afloat then to pay the odd redhead any mind.

"Hey there," he said a bit on the quiet side to the spirit, but he still had his warm grin plastered to his face.

At first she didn't seem to realize he was talking to her. She gazed distantly at the small family until Kou managed to bring her attention to him.

He wanted to offer his hand to her and guide her away so he can explain to her that she needed to find the light, but not where people could see them, "Follow me," he grinned, making it a game to have her chase him to the rock where there would be less witnesses to his mission.

Normal people who don't have a lot of experience with children would find it hard to explain the concept of death to a young spirit, but for one such as Kou, who didn't really grow up in the first place, it was a bit easier for him to get her to understand. You'd of course have to gain a child's trust before you try to get them to believe your words and do as you say, but that was effortless for Kou as he made her smile with a few funny stories.

Who knew how long it had been since the child was able to smile. Seeing the toothy grin of someone who would never grow up, there was a sadness to it, Kou would never deny that. Still he talked to her, telling her about the magical world that was beyond the light she kept hiding from.

She became resistant when the mention of leaving the beach came up, still holding out hope her parents would be back one day to take her home. Her innocence was nearly heartbreaking, all this time she had thought she was simply forgotten by her parents who still probably mourned her every day. All this time and not understanding that she drew her final breath years ago.

Kou thought about it, trying to go about it a different way. He couldn't just leave this girl here to long for something that will never come. It would be torture for such a fragile spirit. He started asking her about family that had passed during her lifetime. He just knew that there had to be something that would encourage her to pass on.

Soon Noodles came up, Noodles was her dog that had passed away a few months before she had. He told her that Noodles had been waiting for her the whole time inside that light that she didn't want to go to.

Ah Ha.

She finally perked up to the idea, he could swear even her little pig tails rose up. "I was making Noodles wait for me?"

"Hey it's not like he can talk," Kou just grinned at her, "But if you go to it, you'll see Noodles, I can guarantee it."

"Noodles! Oh I missed him so much!" She chirped, she hopped up and went looking around. Kou followed, grateful that he decided the conversation would be better behind some coverage.

He blinked and thought for a moment before calling to the girl again. "I don't suppose you saw... anything weird or anythin'… right?"

"Hmmm I saw some people dragged into the ocean, they didn't scream though, it was weird..." She mused a bit still looking around.

"Did you see what took em?"

"Some slimy blue... tube things," she wrinkled her nose a bit, not seeming to know the words to describe what she saw.

"Did it have things that look like this?" He asked as he cupped his hand like a suction cup.

"Mmhm!" She grinned happily as she laid on one something even Kou couldn't see. But he grinned as she waved goodbye, "I'm gonna go see Noodles now!"

He waved back, "Be sure to play with him lots."

"I will!" She said as her voice and body faded away.

Kou felt good seeing the disappearing smile. Even if this tip proved to be nothing, he still did some good today. He looked at the ocean and stroked his chin a bit, "Blue tentacles eh?"

HSV - Beach time!
Mission: This is a Beach, surely there are some spirits and ghosts here! Try to talk to them, maybe they know something. Don't let the civilians catch you talking to "yourself" though, that would be awkward.

So I've been writing on and off since NaNoWriMo. Not alot of what I had for HSV was anything I was really proud of... 

I've just been really stressed with work and already gone into it with a couple of friends so I don't want to re-hash it here but it made my creativity a bit... difficult. AND IT REALLY SUCKS. 

I've spent so much time and love making Kou and Moriko really awesome characters and I kinda feel like I'm failing them right now ;3; but I'm gonna keep trying... just gotta keep swimming

annnyyyywayyys case and point, this took me 3 months to do, and I'm still not happy with it. BUT ITS DONE

*pets Kou* my dumb baby...

Kou Byakko (c) AisteachSam
Hello everyone who remembers who I am

I'm working my way back into writing, I have barely written since flunking out of Nanowrimo after only a week. 

Just money stress, right now my spare time is devoted to researching how to make money off my writing and shaking my head of this dark cloud thats been blocking my creativity. 

I miss everyone...

I'm always on skype so hit me up, kind of the only thing thats been keeping me from total isolation....
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“I can’t believe you’re not f-freezing…” muttered Mina as she did her usual routine of dragging Moriko from her to dos so the chick could relax. Being a workaholic it was mostly between Mina, Gankona and Wakana to drag the Hayashi from her duties, occasionally having to use actual force. There are many nail marks in Moriko’s bedroom floor as proof of that.

Moriko only looked at her friend. Well there were advantages to having a father who was insistent that the winters down here were nothing compared to his home country and discouraged his wife from completely swaddling their children so they can build a tolerance to the cold. The white haired woman was perfectly fine in a light coat, pants, boots, gloves and a scarf even as the snow painted the ground in its purity. “No not particularly.”

Meanwhile Mina was covered in head to toe in the warmest clothes she could find, yet the slightest draft managed to make her shiver. She pouted at her friend, at least Moriko assumed it was a pout from the way Mina’s eyes narrowed at her between the hat and scarf.

To the dark haired woman’s relief it wasn’t much longer until they reached their destination. The girls checked in and went to a private room for the indoor hot springs. Mina was all too quick to strip and hurried into the warm water with a splash. “Oh warmth! Never leave me again!” she proclaimed, making Moriko giggled as she made her way out.

“So dramatic,” she commented getting in calmly and giving a small sigh of relief.

“I’m sorry we can’t all be ice queens,” Mina stuck her tongue at her friend

Moriko blinked at being called an 'ice queen' but she shrugged it off, "The cold doesn't bite Mina."

The other leaned back, relaxing on the wall of the spring. "No. My body just likes being warm~" she chuckled and squealed as their hot cocoa came. "So. You've been busy lately huh?"

"Well between training, my ANBU duties, my team, and now the holidays..." Moriko sighed softly, thanking them for the hot cocoa before looking back at Mina, "And I'm not sure what to get anyone... so that's great..."

Mina looked at Moriko over her mug "hmm, tell me about it.. Training, Missions, studying bingo books and poisons..oh and shopping. So many new sales." She took a sip "And ever since Fuji turned the clan over to me..Ive been feeling like I haven't had much time for my family and friends either. But I guess sometimes I overdo it in order to get my time in with everyone, y'know?"

The Hayashi gave a nod in response, "Yeah I haven't seen you in a while..." She looked at Mina, "But running a clan, that has to be exciting."

"It has it's ups and downs. So you said you were stumped on presents? I was sure you of all people would have had Christmas shopping done sooner~"

"My training interfered," Moriko laughed nervously, "I'm usually right on top of this and now I'm behind."

"Ah, right." She smirked, "well who do you still need a present for?"

"Gankona, Wakana... I'd like to get something for Masaru... I usually bake for those two but Gankona is tough to figure out..."

"Is he? I'm sure he'll appreciate whatever you get least he better. Since you went to the trouble, right? You know Wakana better than I do. I might get her a scarf." She shrugged "Masaru and Narashi, I don't know yet. Maybe something to liven up that boring looking place of theirs."

"I'm sure he will," Moriko smiled softly, "It's just I want something that's special, I mean I've been getting him books but..."

Mina rolled her eyes, "well, what's special to him?" She sighed, she just would never understand the romantic bs, "You're special, right? You could wrap yourself in a bow and gift yourself." She raised her brows, "easy enough."

The white haired girl's face turned red as she coughed on her hot chocolate, "I-I... uh..."

"Oh. Still not there yet?" She leaned back "okay. Well Ganky might like something handmade? He doesn't really seem materialistic...." She tapped her chin, "Did you ask him what he wanted? It doesn't have to be a surprise."

Moriko giggled a bit and brushed some hair back from her face, "I honestly... don't know how Gankona would take to me being his... present. That would defiantly... s-surprise him... I could.. um ask him I guess"

"Yeah, just make sure you ask him. I don't think he wants you to embarrass yourself. You seem like you're coming out of your shell a little bit more...I guess."

"I mean... he's not materialistic... and I'd like to give him something I could wrap..." she trailed off thinking on it more, "Actually it might catch him off guard, I could wipe that smug look off his face for once."

Mina looked at her "You sure? You're not too experienced with that, it might backfire on you." she smirked, "Since when were you so bold though, huh?"

Moriko's face colored at the thought, "I-I mean... it's just an outfit... I'll wrap up some books for him for under the tree but that night... m-maybe I could. I mean we've been intimate for a couples y-years now... I-I should step outside my comfort zone right...?"

"...How far out of your comfort zone do you want to step exactly? You want to have sex with him? Just go to him and ask him to take you!" she said, "Well for you I guess it'd be like 'I think we should try something new tonight' and he'd just...stand there and process that he's about to get some ass." she laughed "Do what you think is best. I'm here if you need advice."

Moriko blinked and blushed a bit looking down, "We... have been having sex... that's what I meant..."

Mina choked on her hot chocolate "Aha? What?! Is my meter off??" she covered her mouth with her hand, it looked like Moriko was really growing up. "Girl...I bet that's what you've been doing all this time. That's what you really have been busy with huh?" she grins, "'s the issue here again? What aren't you comfortable with?"

"I don't know... I feel silly putting on an outfit and saying I'm his gift..." Moriko grumbled.

Mina blinked, "You aren't his gift. The love you will make is your gift to each other~ A Christmas Miracle. At least you're getting one. Be grateful." she sunk in the water and blew bubbles.

"I guess that makes sense... I'll think about it..." she thought before looking at Mina.

HSV - DOX12 Day 2: Break Time
Prompt: Pink Christmas

Annnd Mina is Mina :iconbiggrin-plz: You're welcome Ganko

Big thank you to Max for helping me get back in my groove with this one ;w;

Moriko Hayashi (c) AisteachSam
Mina (c) maximint

Gankona Fujihara (c) Suiton-kun

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Why he was possessed to try this he had no idea.

Bags and tissue paper were his go-to tactics for presents.


Idiot proof.

Why was he dicking around with wrapping paper??

Moriko just quietly looked away from Gankona's struggle. As his mate she couldn't take over whenever she saw him having trouble, but she knew soon he'd give a frustrated huff and give up. Gankona may be able to keep his cool but he wasn't exactly a patient man... and yes those two are different things. She sighed softly and leaned on him, watching his attempts and listening to the crumbling and ripping of paper. 

Finally a scoff was heard as Gankona leaned back and crossed his arms. "Piece of shit," he grumbled. 

She couldn't help but smile, even when he complained, Moriko adored every time she heard Gankona speak. It was funny, she believed she'd never hear him speak and his voice would always be a mystery. So the brief sentences that would escape his lips would make the corners of her lips curl on instinct. She didn't care that is was a little tone deaf.

The Hayashi put her hand on top of her mate's and sat up so he can see her face. She looked from him to the shoddily wrapped art supplies for Rou, then back to him, her expression saying it all, 'May I?'

With a nod he let her move into his lap. Moriko kissed his cheek and took his hands, wanting to guide him rather than do it for him. 

It was simple enough. Showing him to use tape to keep the paper still and folding down the paper so it looked better. ‘It’s not that hard when you know how.’ She sighed at him once it was wrapped with a bow. He shrugged at her so in return she put Tai’s gift in front of him as well, ‘Do you want to practice more?’

Another shrug as he couldn’t care less, ‘you can do it,’ he signed at her.

‘Well alright then,’ Moriko replied then worked on wrapping the other gift. The Hayashi felt him relax against her, just watching her hands as they folded the paper and wrapped of Tai’s CDs and ninjutsu supplies.

There wasn’t really much to wrap to be honest, so why Gankona sent his siblings to their parents to spend the night was beyond her. It was just them and Akihiro, who decided to take a nap in his doggie bed.

Moriko leaned back on Gankona’s chest when both presents were under the tree, she smiled as she looked up at him, ‘So what now?’ she signed

He smirked, guiding her chin up towards him, then closing his lips over hers. She blinked but after a moment she closed her eyes.

Oh… that’s why he sent the kids out.

Submitting a slight giggle she complied with his desires and kissed him back, it wasn’t often that they had a night all to themselves.

And they had that privacy for five whole minutes. During that time Gankona had swept Moriko beneath him, continuing to kiss her and messed with her top.

Without so much of even a knock the door was opened, interrupting the couple with a burst of cold from the door.

“Oh don’t stop on my account,” stated the other Fujihara as he dropped his backpack on the floor.

“N-Narashi what are you doing?” Moriko asked, her face turning several shades of red as she sat up from under her boyfriend and fixed her bra. Gankona on the other hand gave his cock blocking cousin a ‘are you fucking kidding me’ glare.

“I’m moving in,” Narashi casually replied waving his hand as if it was no big deal then made himself at home on the couch after he closed the door.


“None of your business,” he replied causing Moriko to look at her mate to get his opinion on this.

The older Fujihara continued giving his cousin an annoyed look but he let out a breath of air and sat up, “Whatever,” he grumbled. He gave Moriko a ‘he’s family’ look, telling her he was going to tolerate it. The Hayashi nodded, after all it was Gankona’s house, he made the rules.

HSV - DOX12 Day 1: Lets wrap this up

BACK AGAIN //slapped

I missed writing, I'm gonna churn out 11 more of these bad boys to get back into it :iconcraiplz:

Not So Silent Night

Over the years, Moriko has done her fair share of cock-blocking Narashi, it's only time for Narashi to return the favor :iconmingplz:

For Narashi is a Fujihara, and Fujihara's always repay their debts :iconmanlytearsplz: no wait thats the Lannisters

Moriko Hayashi (c) :devaisteachsam
Gankona Fujihara (c) Suiton-kun
Narashi Fujihara (c) :icontaminki:

Rou Fujihara (c) lovely-lolo
Tai Fujihara (c) IluvGaaraAndKimimaro
Hello everyone who remembers who I am

I'm working my way back into writing, I have barely written since flunking out of Nanowrimo after only a week. 

Just money stress, right now my spare time is devoted to researching how to make money off my writing and shaking my head of this dark cloud thats been blocking my creativity. 

I miss everyone...

I'm always on skype so hit me up, kind of the only thing thats been keeping me from total isolation....


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