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There was a knock at the door to which the brunette had answered as his roommate stayed glued to the couch, his nose in his scroll. Narashi's yellow eyes narrowed at the knock, he didn't approve of the girls coming over to decorate his apartment, but Masaru invited them over anyways.

Masaru wore a warm smile as he greeted his friends, "Kana, Moriko, hey buddy!" he grinned giving each girl a hug in turn then petting the dog that was at their side.

"Hello Masaru," Moriko smiled returning his hug.

"Hey!" Wakana grinned before waltzing into the place, her roommate and the dog following her in.  As Moriko began discussing the decorating with Masaru she noticed her friend walking over to Narashi.

"Hey Nara-chan!"

"Hm," came his usual greeting.

Wakana ignored it and came over to the couch, "You know I've been meaning to talk to you for a while about something," she grinned.


"You're not allowed to tease Moriko anymore," she stated crossing her arms, "Only I can tease her."

Moriko blinked and stopped speaking when she heard Wakana address Narashi. Oh no she wasn't really telling him was she? Moriko could have sworn Wakana said that would be private.

"And why is that?"

"Because she's my little Mori-uke, and as her seme only I have the privilege."

Oh god she told him, Narashi would never let her live that nickname down! "Wakana!" 

"What I told you I was going to tell him."

"Ugh..." the Hayashi could only rub the bridge of her nose, her face as red as a tomato. Masaru only looked between the two, feeling pity for Moriko he just patted her shoulder.

Meanwhile Narashi was snickering, "Well, I never imagined your relationship was like that, but still how is it my business?"

"I told you he wouldn't care Wakana."

"I will make him care!"

"Good luck with that," Narashi added.

"Hey guys, we're all here to decorate, so lets go ahead and do that okay?" Masaru spoke up. Wakana just shrugged then went to the boxes that Masaru had in the hall. The Yoshida sighed and looked at Moriko, "Look I'll talk to Kana later if you want."

"H-heh... thank you for the concern Masaru... Wakana is just being... well Wakana... I can't expect any differently of her," Moriko said still blushing.

"Eh, you're right," Masaru sighed.

Moriko giggled a bit, "Look you and Wakana just concern yourselves with the decorating, and I'll make dinner."

"Sounds like a plan! Come on Narashi, help me and Kana out."

"I recall saying I wanted no part of this, my mind hasn't changed."

"Don't be a scrooge!" Wakana called from the hallway, causing Narashi to roll his eyes.

Masaru frowned at his friend, but unless he physically pulled Narashi off the couch and forced him to do something to help, the Fujihara would stubbornly stay where he was. He submitted a sigh then went to help Wakana with the decorating. Moriko only went to the kitchen to decide on what everyone would eat.

Eventually the Fujihara joined her in the kitchen. "Uke huh?" he smirked.

"Shut up," Moriko pouted. "Would you eat a hot pot?" she asked to change the subject.

Narashi shrugged, not giving her a real answer, but to Moriko that told her he wasn't picky. Oh well he can make his own food if he didn't like it.

"So, we are fine?" came his voice

She had a feeling of what he was talking about, but decided to ignore it. "Why wouldn't we be?"

"Maybe because last time you tried breaking my face when I kissed you."

Moriko remembered that well, when she and Narashi were at odds during the war then, out of no where he confessed his 'feelings' and took her first kiss. But that was history, he didn't mean any harm to her anymore. She scoffed slightly, "I hit you because it was my first kiss and I wanted it to be special, so of course I was pissed and upset. Besides, you were drunk the other night."

"Says who?"

"Because... you wouldn't kiss me if you were sober."

"I repeat, says who?"

With a disgruntled sigh as she looked up from dinner preparations, "look people do it all the time, have drunk meaningless kisses. You don't like me like that." She grabbed a knife and started getting vegetables together.

Narashi crossed his arms, "Well, look who is trying really hard to justify what happened somehow. Now, how much would your image of what happened falter if I told you that I wasn't as drunk as you apparently think?"

She sighed, she had a feeling it wasn't due to just the alcohol, her gaze returned to him, "Okay fine, you were messing with me to get my reaction then."

A snort came from him, "You're learning."

"I knew it had to be one of the two, I hope you found it amusing," she turned from him to continue dinner, "So yes we're fine. I mean you've kissed me before, nothing would really change if you kissed me again would it?"

"It wouldn't?" He seemed surprised with how she was brushing off the kiss. It wasn't her first, and the damage with Narashi was done in her opinion. He stepped closer so that she would have to reach around him for the other ingredients. "So if I kissed you right now, nothing would change? That's pretty convenient, isn't it."

Her face went red, oh god why did she word it like that? "I-I'm not encouraging th-this." She tried to explain that the kiss would mean nothing, so it wasn't a reason to make a huge fuss, but at the same time it's not like she wanted to be kissed. Kisses were supposed to be shared with people that had feelings for each other, weren't they?

"I didn't hear a no though," Narashi put his face closer to hers. She could feel his breath on her lips, causing them to tremble slightly. He wasn't going to kiss her again... was he...?

Her grip on the knife loosened a little, as she was frozen there. Of course her mind told her to simply say 'dude I have a knife is this really a smart idea?'. Course she had trouble speaking she swallowed a bit, giving another attempt to speak, just a 'no' would suffice.

"Hey Mori-uke, what are you cooking?" Wakana called coming into the kitchen. Upon seeing the scene she stopped.

Narashi looked at Wakana, it was then he pulled away from Moriko and walked out of the kitchen. Leaving Moriko to her roommate's teasing.

"Sooo.... don't like him huh?"

"For the love of god please shut up."

It took the rest of dinner perpetration to convince Wakana she misunderstood the situation. Narashi was teasing her and that was it. Wakana didn't look convinced, even if that was what happened, but finally with the promise of pineapple on her plate Wakana left it alone. Masaru came in to ask the girls if they needed anything, Wakana of course wanting pineapples, then said he'd be back in a few minutes. Wakana smirked and dragged Moriko out of the kitchen as soon as the timer on dinner was set.

"Wakana what is it?" Moriko asked

"Remember that little... bet we had?" Wakana whispered under Narashi's earshot.

".... you remember?" Moriko asked looking horrified.

"Yup, Narashi is on the sofa, go get him girl."

"No Wakana."

"You agreed to it."

Moriko sighed, "Fine... fine," as if the day wasn't weird enough. She walked over to the sofa, knowing Narashi noticed her. She gave another glance at Wakana, 'please don't make me do this'. But Wakana didn't budge.

To stall Moriko knelt down and pet Akihiro. The dog had learned it was best to stay out of the way, so he simply laid down in front of the couch. The poor thing had reindeer antlers on his head thanks to Wakana. Moriko shook her head and took the band off the dog. Akihiro shook his head happy to be free of the things before nuzzling his owner's hand, his tail thumping against the ground.

"Hey Moriko," Wakana called

The Hayashi sighed and looked at her friend, "what?"

Wakana only smirked and poked her own cheek, "Don't forget~"

As if her face hadn't gone red enough that day, she promptly shook her head at Wakana. She never agreed to that. She mouthed a 'no' at her friend but Wakana insisted. Eventually Moriko sighed and looked at the Fujihara, who had a brow inclined at her, he probably thought she was insane or something. She stood up but stayed there, unsure if she could do this.

Eventually she shook her head, no she can't do this.
HSV - 12DoX - Day 4 - Tis the Season
Prompt: Tis the Season

Oh Moriko, you friends only want whats best for you. But that doesnt mean they cant have some fun too :iconheeplz: well okay Narashi does does it because he's Narashi

I had a whole conversation planned between Masaru and Moriko but it didnt fit in :iconpapplz: next one then.

The paragraph with Akihiro was added last minute after seeing this HSV: Day 2 - Reindeer by mandarain-a

Moriko Hayashi + Akihiro (c) AisteachSam
Masaru (c) ChasingTheDreamAgain
Wakana (c) :devmandarian-a:
Narashi (c) Taminki
Thanks to the events of the previous night Moriko had become very wary of her own front door. That damn plant still hung there, and unless Moriko gave Wakana a reason to take it down, her roommate wouldn't hear of it. But of course Moriko had to ask herself, was it really so terrible? Being kissed? As long at they remained pecks on the lips, it wasn't truly horrible enough to make a fuss over. Besides she was drunk and it was with Narashi, that damage was already done over a year ago. At least she didn't hit him again and they were on good terms this time. She knew Narashi did it to just fluster her, get a reaction, and she could tell he was very amused by the way she could barely speak afterwards. So fine, there wasn't any real reason to fuss and let others know about the kiss, but she sure as hell was going to avoid it being repeated.

She smiled a bit and stepped back from under the door as she ushered Masaru inside. She and Masaru had similar opinion when it came to kisses and couples, and she was not going to put him in that position. "Hey Masaru, thank you for coming over and helping," she told him as he took off his scarf and hat.

"No problem, thanks for inviting me over. You girls are going to come to me and Narashi's place to help me with my decorating right?"

"Narashi and I," Moriko corrected his grammar, "and of course we will."

Masaru gave her a pout, "Come on Moriko, you know I don't like it when you correct me."

"I'm sorry," she replied, "you know bad grammar irks me."

Masaru looked at her then gave a small smirk, "I'mma sorry bout that," which earned him a glare from the girl, but he laughed it off before going to greet Wakana.

Moriko closed the door and followed Masaru into the kitchen where Wakana was up on the counter hanging garland.

Mostly Masaru and Wakana took care of the decorating, as Moriko had shooed them out of the kitchen once it was fully decorated to their standards, so she could prepare dinner and hot drinks. She had meant to tell Masaru about the mistletoe but it had slipped her mind as she focused on cooking. She would come out time to time to offer a third hand, especially when it came to putting the ornaments on the tree and to free Masaru of whatever Wakana had managed to wrap him up in. She only laughed softly and helped free to Yoshida despite Wakana's protests.

"Hey don't let him go!"

"Wakana he can't help if you tie him up."

"Yeah Kana."

Wakana pouted at her friends, "Yeah fine whatever..." Moriko only shook her head then left to go check on dinner when she heard Wakana go, "Masaru come here, I need your help over here!"

"Coming Kana."

Moriko glanced behind her to see where Wakana needed help, she saw Masaru head to the front door and blinked a bit. Wasn't she suppose to warn Masaru about the front door? Why was Wakana calling him over there? Though upon seeing Wakana's smirk, Moriko realized what her friend may be planning.

HSV - 12DoX - Day 3 - Ornaments
Prompt: Ornaments

Moriko: :icontrapplz:

I need to give Masaru more loves :dummy: one of these needs to be just those two dorks [dorks meaning Masaru and Moriko, the nerd buddies]

Though poor Masaru :iconmingplz: we knew him well.

Moriko Hayashi AisteachSam
Masaru (c) ChasingTheDreamAgain
Wakana (c) mandarain-a

Narashi (c) Taminki
Moriko had very mixed feelings about the mistletoe plant. Was it really a good tradition to encourage people to kiss each other? What if you have a significant other and it wasn't them that was under the plant with you? Wouldn't that be cheating? It was meant to spread good will and love, but kissing? Her cheeks colored at the thought. Hugging would be alot better in her opinion.

Still Wakana wanted it hung in the house, for whatever reason. It was better not to question her roommate. Wakana found entertainment in alot of things Moriko just didn't understand. Moriko tried to hang it somewhere where it wouldn't snag unsuspecting people, but Wakana complained it took the fun out of it and moved the plant to the front door, Moriko making a mental note to not stand with anyone there.

Her month had been busy, studying with Masaru, training her team, working on her own training, and preparing for the holiday. Instead of containing her stress, she'd learned her lesson about that, she had started asking Narashi to go drinking with her, not often, maybe once or twice a month. The alcohol had a calming effect on her, she was able to worry less, able to relax, but she was afraid of abusing the substance, so she limited the amount of times she went to the bar.

It was a clear night as the two headed back to Moriko's. Their breath misted the air as they talked about whatever came to mind. Moriko found herself trusting Narashi little by little. She expected him to tease her or some kind of blackmail if she gave him too much information or did something that he could use against her. So she couldn't completely trust him, but enough she could allow herself to relax as they chatted.

"Do you like the holidays Narashi?" she asked.

"I think it's alot of trouble really," he replied shrugging.

That answer wasn't surprising, she shrugged, "oh I see... Um... speaking of which I did make something for you."

"Did you now?" he asked inclining a brow.

Moriko nodded, "We've been hanging out alot, I figured it'd be rude if I didn't give you something."

Another shrug, not seeming to care either way. She didn't expect anything from him anyways. They approached her house and since they didn't drink very much Narashi opted to go home. She told him to stay by the door as she grabbed his gift.

She came back with the bag of cookies in hand. She was looking down at the bag, not seeming to notice something else had Narashi's attention. "Um, Masaru told me a while ago that you liked strawberries, so I just made you some strawberry cookies."

He blinked and looked at her glancing at the offering before looking back at the kunoichi. "So whose idea was that? Yours or Wakana's?"

Moriko gave him a confused look, "Well I'm the one who baked them..."

Narashi rolled his eyes, "Not those, that," he said pointing up at the mistletoe.

She was silent for a moment as she looked at the plant. Her face went red, "W-Wakana's..."

"Figured. So did you plan on me being under it?" he smirked slightly.

Words failed her for a minute, oh god, oh no, not this. "I-I forgot about it... I seriously f-forgot about it," she muttered looking embarrassed. "L-Look it's just some stupid th-thing, w-we can pretend this didn't hap-"

Feeling his lips on hers send a shock through her system, okay he needed to be more drunk then he let on to be doing this. Or was he messing with her again? She found herself staring as Narashi pulled away.

She tried to form words but it seemed beyond her abilities. Her heart was racing, she knew she looked stupid but she couldn't help it, Narashi had taken her first kiss and she was never kissed again until now. She swallowed a bit and took a deep breath, glancing away, "O-Or... that... y-you can... d-do that," her voice was forced, it was high pitched as opposed to her normally deeper voice, her sound barely above a whisper.

He pecked her lips again, and Moriko felt her face start to burn from how much blood was running through her face right now.

"Shut up, you're ruining the moment," came his voice.

He really needed to be drunk, he had to be, there was no other explanation to her. Did she... like being kissed by him? No, no they were both drunk, people do that when they've had too much alcohol, share meaningless kisses. That's what this was, meaningless. Wasn't it...?

Moriko blinked, taking another deep breath but saying nothing, she just hesitantly nodded meeting his gaze shyly. She felt him slip the bag of cookies out of her hands as she watched him back away from the door. "Later."

Another nod, she couldn't even manage a wave at him, her lips tried to form the words 'good night' but no voice came. She closed the door to go to bed. The only thought on her mind was 'Well... that just happened.'
HSV - 12DoX - Day 2 - Naughty or Nice?
Prompt: Naughty or Nice?

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Narashi? :iconloveloveplz:

'I've broken your brain, I'mma just take my cookies and walk out like a boss' Narashi's mission is complete :iconohmyyplz: So is Narashi.... naughty or nice? *shot*

I mean Moriko and Narashi are kinda unofficial friends/drinking buddies now xD and Narashi loves to mess with Moriko, this was bound to happen eventually

If it'd happen again, that depends on Narashi most likely, Moriko's reaction was hilarious~ :iconhurrplz:

Honestly I adore Moriko and Narashi, their relationship has so much dynamic :love: They both have similar and opposing issues, and how they interact always keeps me guessing well more like Narashi keeps me guessing lol
Moriko (c) AisteachSam
Narashi (c) Taminki

Wakana (c) mandarain-a
Masaru (c) ChasingTheDreamAgain
Different scents wafted in the air as Moriko hummed to herself listening to the radio. It was still a few days out from Christmas but she couldn't wait. She had baked cookies for her friends last year but this year instead of everyone getting the same flavor, Moriko was determined to make each bag of cookies special to the receiver. She had to get this big project done, or at least some of it, before Wakana was done her shift at the library. The Hayashi was so thankful she found cookie cutters for all the shaped cookies she wanted to do.

Her roommate was to be getting a bag of pineapple cookies shaped into the kunoichi's favorite fruit. Moriko wanted that done and bagged before Wakana got home, that way she can just hand them over to her friend, fresh, warm and ready for enjoyment.

For Masaru she found an recipe for roasted leek cookies. She tried one and they... well they weren't bad, she couldn't really classify the taste, the only word that came to mind was 'interesting', then again she wasn't a huge leek person, so she hoped that the leek lover would like them more then she did. She made them in the shape of ducks for him and let them cool.

Narashi, well he was hard to guess at. She made some strawberry ones since Masaru said that was Narashi's favorite. She decided against cutting them into any shapes, Narashi probably find it stupid to do so.

She decided to make a care package for Jun. Different kinds of his favorite cookies, she made a couple of servings of his favorite noodles and froze them so they'd be ready to enjoy once he heated them up. A jacket and scarf, just to be sure he's keeping warm in the north, and other things she thought he'd like or need as presents for Christmas. She'd put a letter in the parcel for him telling him what has been happening, reminding him to take proper care of himself and to be safe, wishing him a happy holiday and telling him she missed him. Her parents wrote a letter for him as well that she'd pick up later that day to put in the parcel. It would be the sibling's first holiday apart, and it weighed on Moriko's heart a bit, but she knew it had to be harder on Jun. She was at least able to be with their parents, Jun was out on his own. She hoped he at least made some friends so he wouldn't have to be alone on Christmas.

She continued on, Niro was to be getting pear cookies shaped like the fruit, though after Niro she wasn't sure about all her other friends. Arioch and Eita... well Arioch said he didn't want her cooking for them, but he didn't mean no cookies on the holidays right? Hmm, she'd offer then, if not oh well she tried.

Soon everything was baked, the kitchen, and Moriko, were a mess but they were done. All the cookies were bagged, labeled and ready to be handed out. She took a deep breath as Wakana walked into the house, "I'm home Uke," she called out happily.

"In the kitchen," Moriko replied, she really was tired, her new nickname didn't bother her at all.

Wakana hummed herself a Christmas song as she waltzed in, only to stop and glance around, "Whoa what happened here? Bomb go off?"

"There wasn't a bomb," Moriko said grabbing the bag with Wakana's name on it.

"So what-" though Wakana blinked when the cookies were shoved under her nose.

"M-Merry Christmas Wakana," Moriko said forcing a tired grin on.

"You mean Wakana-seme right?"

The other girl laughed softly, what the hell, it made her roommate happy. "Yes, here you are seme-san."

Wakana looked at the cookies then smiled and hugged her friend, "Merry Christmas to you too Moriko."
HSV - 12DoX - Day 1 - Cookies
Prompts: Cookies

Moriko is baking e n e

I really need to do a fic for Kou, I have a few unfinished ones :'D should finish those

Moriko Hayashi (c) AisteachSam
Wakana (c) mandarain-a

Masaru (c) ChasingTheDreamAgain
Narashi (c) Taminki
Jun (c) MayaNara
Niro (c) NejiRenji15
Arioch (c) ddsgale
Eita (c) innocent-rebel


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Wan enough points to convert to money and get a cuddle clone of my old pit bull ;A;

Until my to do list is done no more commisions but if you want to donate points out of the kindness of your heart then I'd love that :iconawwwplz:

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Not like anyone missed me :iconmingplz:

But yes I had my vacations, and boy do I feel 10000000% better! Fast food was not my friend though x-x

I'm not happily home and settling into some normalcy. I'm back on skype too! THE WIFI AND CELL SIGNAL WERE HORRIBLE. IF I APPEARED TO BE ON BUT DIDN'T TALK TO YOU IF YOU MESSAGED ME THIS WEEK I AM SO SORRY!!!

I mean thats the only problem I really had with the beach house, I mean I didn't go there to just vege out on my laptop, BUT SOME SKYPE WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE

I will be filling my personal blog with my experiances during my last two trips and will offically link it here the beginning of next year, I just want it to have some sizable content first ^^


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