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The Princess and Sam by AisteachSam
The Princess and Sam
So I've been MIA as most of you know since I closed on a lovely 1 bedroom condo on September 30th. It was in need of TLC as the place looked like it never moved pasted the 70s (before and afters to come soon)

I'm still kinda moving in, my clothes are all here so its a matter of all my books and junk now. Its more of a process the expected, the kitchen and bathroom are on the Remodel list, but for the price I paid I can live with it.

Onto the picture.

Only 2 weeks into living on my own, my aunt (who is a vet at the local animal shelter) told me about all the pit bulls there and how she met one that she thought matched me perfectly. By then I was getting the new floor down and the dreaded painting was done. So I looked at Petfinder and fell in love. The shelter found her wondering on her own in Mt. Holly, nipples pointing to the fact she had many puppies in her life. We all think she escaped a backyard breeder.

Her name is Zelda (the shelter named her, and Legend of Zelda is one of my favorite series, so the name was just a bonus) she is my perfectly spoiled princess. :heart:

//I'm so taking another picture when I've lost 40 lbs ;3;

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It was times like this that Moriko wasn't certain if she was doing enough for her boyfriend.

Tai and Rou were both gone for the night, they were off on missions with their respective teams, and Moriko had only gotten back that morning from a mission with her own team.

Overall Gankona handled his siblings being on missions well, he didn't show too much concern, deciding to trust their training, abilities and their teams. But when one was gone the other was typically home, leaving him with one sibling to distract himself from the lack of the other's presence. He didn't like the missions that would be overnight or longer, but still he composed himself carefully.

Now both his siblings were gone, leaving him with Moriko. As much as he pretended he was fine, Moriko was calling bullshit, but she couldn't seem to successfully distract him from his funk.

They were at the point she had a grasp of what was going on behind those dark eyes. Saying they were fine, cursing himself, thinking that worrying about them meant he was doubting them, but still wanting to know if they were okay.

Moriko watched him, almost seeing the vicious cycle of worrying and telling himself not to worry, loop in his head like a CD player with a stuck 'repeat' button. She knew that cycle well enough knowing he needed the distraction, but nothing she did seem to work. She knew he'd go through the motions just to please her, but his mind would be miles away.

She adored Taiga and Roujin, she was quickly adopting them as the younger siblings she always wanted, but worrying about them won't do anything right now. They were in their sensei's capable hands, right now their brother, the man she knew she was falling in love with, was her main concern.

He was reading a book she had brought over, it was still hard to pinpoint exactly what he liked book-wise, but he always read non-fiction. She gave him a book on plants, something he'd usually be engrossed in, but she saw his dark eyes glance to the window, still distracted. They had gone on a walk earlier just to enjoy the day, but he was quieter then usual. Something she wouldn't think was possible if she hadn't seen him in one of his moods, but this wasn't a mood where he needed space. This was a caring brother that wanted to know his siblings were safe, and was trying not to stress out about it. He needed the distraction, but was refusing to even acknowledge that his mind was troubled.

He only casually looked up went she touched his arm to get his attention. Moriko smiled at him softly, moving her hands to communicate with him 'Do you want to go out to eat then go to the bar?'

Just please stop sulking honey, they're fine was what her expression said.

He just looked at her, saw her silent plea, and responded with an almost bored expression, I'm not sulking, I know they are fine. I'm just not in the mood for people was what it said. It wasn't harsh, just more of a statement of facts according to the Fujihara.

Moriko suppressed the want to raise her brow, as if to question that he's ever 'in the mood for people'. Instead she just shook her head, 'Or I can make dinner, we can just relax here.'

'If you don't mind cooking,' was his response, before he went back to looking at the book. More to amuse her then to read it. Moriko never minded cooking, so he didn't look to her for an answer. He already knew what it would be

Moriko nodded and placed a soft kiss on his temple, she got a bit of her desired reaction, a subtle flicker of the lips showing a ghost of a smile. She turned from him and went to gather what she would need to make dinner. She chopped the vegetables and thought to herself. She felt like she was failing him a bit by not being able to distract him. It was his siblings, kids he pretty much raised, so of course he was allowed to worry, but she didn't think this was something she should leave him alone for. It's not something she should let him dwell on. Hence trying to distract him... but with what?

What would Mina or Kanmuri do if they needed to distract their men? Moriko blinked and shook her head, okay 'What would Mina do' may not be a question she wanted answered. More then likely Mina would just strip naked and demand attention. Moriko didn't feel she could quite do that just yet... Kan was more her speed, and she was learning a bit from the woman about straying outside of her comfort zone to surprise her significant other. She should surprise Gankona...  Just take his guard off enough to be able to pull his mind from his worries.

Her mind wondered a bit to that gathering at Kuon's mom's silk shop a little while ago. Mina, Kanmuri, and herself were there to look at and try on some of the new silk items the silk master had just created. It was interesting enough, silk panties, undies... outfits... sleepwear... She recalled Gankona's barely concealed reaction on her birthday when she came to him all dressed up thanks to Mina and her aunt. Moriko sighed, the silk pieces she was talked into taking were at her place. They would do her no good here. She would need to improvise. She looked down at the plain white cooking apron she was wearing, and thought of the silk ones at the shop... that weren't really for cooking. Her face flushed slightly as an idea came to mind. She temporarily abandoned her work and slipped to Gankona's room. She stripped off her shirt and pants, and put the apron back on while she was only wearing her nude colored panties and bra. This is okay, he's seen her in her undergarments... just now she was cooking in them with only a apron over them...

This was bold for her, and hopefully just what she needed to do to get Gankona's attention. Hopefully she wasn't sending any signals she wasn't ready for, but the Fujihara was a gentlemen when it came to her space. She was sure he won't do anything she wasn't comfortable with.

Taking a deep breath she returned to her work in the kitchen, she had to be casual about this. Pretend nothing was going on and let Gankona notice on his own. He usually would pop in to check on the cooking and smell the progress.

Soon enough as she was getting everything ready for the oven, she saw him from the corner of her eye. He had noticed. Another blush crept along her cheeks, but she said nothing about it as she looked back at him, signing as if nothing was different. 

'Almost ready, I just need to let it cook.'

He was staring at her, his expression was mixed. His eyes seemed a bit puzzled, but she could tell he was keeping his demeanor from looking too pleased. He did that too when he saw her in the silk dress. Why did he do that? Did he think she'd be scared off of he seemed pleased about something? She wanted to see him pleased. Maybe it was a Fujihara thing and he just didn't want to be obvious? That seemed to be the most likely answer. Finally he signed at her.

'What are you doing?'

She pulled off the most innocent look she could manage, 'Cooking.' of course, the blush made her look more guilty then innocent.

He allowed her to put the pan in the oven before he approached her, 'Thats not what I'm talking about,' he signed with a slight smirk and a mischievous glint in his eye. He puts his hands on her waist, lifting her up and sitting her on the counter as if she was a child. Moriko's blush deepened not knowing what he was up to; if he was picking on her height again or had more mature plans. Still she noticed he hadn't touched her butt or any of her intimate areas she hadn't yet given him permission to touch, even though he put his waist between her legs. Her heart started to hammer as she met his gaze again. Still smirking, he signed at her, 'If you wanted my attention, all you had to do was say so.'

She pouted at him for a moment, then her lips parted in a slightly to protest. She did this for him!

Well... really the point was to get his attention, so now that she had it, what now?

The Fujihara seemed to have the answer to that, slipping a finger under her chin, and closing his lips over hers. Her heart fluttered feeling her arms go around her waist, as hers instinctively went around his neck returning the kiss. When he slowly pulled away she looked at him, smiling softly. His expression was the most relaxed she'd seen it all day as he looked at her. He seemed to like this boldness coming from his girlfriend.

Moriko thought for a moment then took one of his hands from her waist, this was partly to keep him distracted... but partly to reward him for his patience with her. Well she hoped it was a reward anyways. She trusted him. She took his hand and placed it on her chest over the apron. His brows raised slightly, looking intrigued then looking at Moriko's hands for her to explain her movements.

'You can touch me, I'm comfortable with it,' even with her blush, her eyes told him she was sincere. She didn't feel pressured or uncomfortable, and that's what he needed to know.

His other hand wondered lower, his fingertips gracing her bottom, his eyes flickering back to her face, checking his limitations. But she gave a soft smile and a nod, yes it's okay.

Of course it was tempting to squeeze her, play with her a bit as they waited for dinner to cook, but they'd ease into it, just like they had eased into everything else. He'd get her use to his touch in her more sensitive areas, slowly, steadily... but for now, this was fine, light touches to get her accustomed to being touched there in the first place. His hand went from her bottom, his palm slide up her bare side as he looked at her. Moriko on the other hand had done a bit of exploring on her own, parting the hem of his robe. Her fingertips danced down his chest in curiosity. She was still a little wary of what lie below his belt, but it was okay. They would get there.

Moriko looked up at Gankona, pressing her forehead to his slightly, and he responded in kind, both of them closing their eyes. His hands going back to wrapping themselves around her waist, and her arms returning to his shoulders.

This was part of what made Moriko special to him, not needing to say anything, just able to be with her and experience this peace.

The timer dinged, bringing her out of the near trace-like state. Gankona responded when she pulled away. She only smiled softly and lifted her chin towards the oven, indicating the timer went off and the food was ready. He nodded and lifted her down to allow her to take out their food before it burned.

Moriko made their plates and wrapped up the lefts overs as Gankona stood behind her, one arm around her waist, his other hand lightly tracing the design on her back in mild curiosity. He'd never really had a good look at her back before.

Moriko brought the plates to the table but when Gankona sat down, he slide out his arm and scooped her into his lap. She was surprised by this, and looked at him with yet another blush, but something told her it was his way of apologizing for basically ignoring her most of the day. His arm was firmly around her waist as he began to eat. She smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek as she began to eat as well.

Another wonderful advantage of sign language, was never having to worry about talking with a full mouth.

'I never took you for the tattoo type,' he casually signed.

'Well my best friend Niro-san started getting them, and I really admired them,' Moriko explained, 'I found out about chakra tattoos, where the tattoo is basically a chakra reserve, so I decided it'd be useful to my ninjutsu.'

'Has it been useful?'

'I've gotten out of some tight situations because of it. I've considered maybe getting more,' she glanced at him to gauge his reaction. He didn't seem to care about the tattoo one way or another, but she'd like to be sure in case she did get another in the future.

He responded with a shrug, his look saying it all, it's your body, and they don't bother me. He knew the more chakra she had, the stronger she could be.

They didn't feel the need to talk much after that. Neither of them were good at small talk, but Gankona seemed perfectly fine with keeping Moriko on his lap after she had put the dishes in the sink and poured them both some sake from his stash. They just drank and enjoyed the other's closeness. Gankona let his mind stray back to his siblings, but it wasn't the vicious cycle of worry it was before, just hoping they'd both be fine when he saw them in the morning.

Moriko on the other hand just rested her head on his shoulder. Her fingers absentmindedly tracing circles on his back, helping him relax, knowing she'd end up offering him a backrub before they went to bed. She perfectly content with how it went, smiling when he planted a kiss on her head.

Maybe she wasn't so bad at this girlfriend thing after all.
HSV - Apron
I had this is my stash for a few weeks, but since I've been dead because of getting my place ready I decided I'd submit it ;w; I'll hopefully be back and active within the month ;w;

Just.... omg I love these two

Mori gonna keep getting bolder to please her boy :eyes: In her own time though

Moriko Hayashi (c) AisteachSam
Gankona Fujihara (c) Suiton-kun

Mina (c) mazichann
Kanmuri (c) Rikku9314
Niro (c) NejiRenji15
Hello everyone, some overdue news coming your way!

Wednesday went perfectly, I now own my new condo! It's a little 1 bedroom with 800 square feet, but it's my little bedroom =w=

I was hoping to be in there by Saturday, buuuuttt we found termites under the carpet. The place has a concrete ceiling and floor with steel studs, so structurally nothing to worry about. But it's worth worrying about when you're going to put down a WOOD floor xD

So all this week right after work I'll be going to my place to get everything painted and ready for my uncles to put down the flooring this Saturday :heart: Which means once the flooring is done I can move right in!

My friend is giving me some old bedroom furniture, including a desk! Words cannot express how excited I am to have a desk!

I've shared a room with my sister for god knows how long, I haven't had a desk to work on since middle school ;w;

but I'll be a bit MIA till this weekend [hopefully] I'll check skype at night after I get back to my parents place~!

I'll post before and afters possibly
"Moriko?" a disgruntled sigh was heard, then Moriko felt she was being nudged. "Come on Moriko, you don't want to be late for your first day."

She didn't like mornings. Moriko just made an annoyed groaned and shoved her head further into the pillows. "Five minutes...."

"That was five minutes ago."

"Liar..." she grumbled not even processing who the voice belonged to.

"Girl just get up," the voice sighed.

Again she'd just grumble, but that's when her brain started realizing things about the voice. First, it was male, and a familiar male at that, one that use to always wake her up.


Moriko slowly rose her head, and turned to the speaker.

There stood stood her Onii-chan, but he wasn't his age, he was... nine to be exact. Why was Onii-chan nine? Confusion dawned on Moriko's face as she looked around, her bed was piled with stuffed animals, her room was pinks and purples which is what she decorated with when she was 5... No this wasn't right at all, she redecorated the room when she was 10. Why was she in this room? She should be at her room at her house... But didn't she sleep at Gankona's last night?

Finally Moriko looked at herself, her hands were small, childish, and she had a pink nightdress on. She had stopped wearing nightdresses a while ago... This was way too strange. She felt her hair, the normally long locks were gone, like someone had taken scissors to them. Quickly Moriko hopped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom. She could barely reach the mirror without grabbing a stepstool. She knew she was short but this was ridiculous. She stared at the mirror looking for answers.

Her hair indeed was short again, her face chubby with youth. She looked like she was eight again. This wasn't right at all.

Even with the tugging of her hair she could feel it was real, she slapped her cheeks. Come on, wake up now. She washed her face in the sink but she only succeeded in making herself wet.

This wasn't real, this was a dream. It had to be.

A sigh was heard behind her and she saw Jun... or whatever this was making her see her brother in the mirror. He came up behind her and took a hand towel to her face, drying it off.

"Just can't leave you alone can I? You're too big to bathe in the sink," he joked lightly, "I just told you we'll be late. Now go get dressed. Mom has breakfast ready."

All she could manage was a nod before Jun left the room. As soon as he was out of sight she made a quick hand sign and tried to focus her chakra, this had to be a genjutsu, but no matter how long she tried the world didn't seem to be the slightest be affected. She frowned again, trying to think of what else she can do. All that was left was the pain method. Moriko looked at her thumb, and bite on it, steadily harder and harder. But even as she drew blood, nothing changed. She sighed and turned on the water to wash off the bite and clean it out, putting a quick bandage on it.

This was all too strange. She felt the pain, but any dream or genjutsu would have ended by now. What was going on?

She decided it was best to play along with this... whatever it was. So she went picked out one of the dresses she owned at that time and got dressed.

She went to her parents, and of course was hugged and given a kiss on the cheek or forehead by them both. Wishing her luck and reminding her they loved her. She was given breakfast then handed her lunch in a bag.

"We'll be on a mission by the time you're done but don't worry we'll be home late tonight," Her mother said warmly getting another hug in before Moriko left.

"Be good Mori, stick close to your brother!" her dad grinned and messed with her hair.

"O-Of course!" she replied. With that Jun took Moriko's hand and they left.

Moriko looked around as Jun held her little hand, this was just too weird... She sighed and looked up at him, that painful tug in her heart. This was before everything happened. When he'd smile and laugh... pull pranks... fuss over her in their mother's stead.

This was before she hurt him and made him pull away from her.

"So are you excited?" He smiled down at her, to which Moriko nodded.

"Y-Yeah..." she muttered.

Jun blinked noticing Moriko's reluctance. "You don't sound excited."

"I-I am excited!" she piped up, she better play the part of her younger self until she knew what the hell was going on. "J-Just..." she frowned a bit.

"Hey you'll be fine," he let go of her hand to mess with her hair, "It's okay to be nervous, I was nervous too, but I'll be a few classes away from you okay?"

"Okay," she managed to nod and forced a smile before we went back to looking around, observing. First day of school huh? She searched her memory to try and figure out what happened on that day, well, anything of significance anyways.

It wasn't until they reached the academy that Moriko noticed someone familiar. She stopped for a moment, she could tell those dark locks from anywhere.

She knew he wasn't born deaf, and she knew that he lost his hearing during the academy. She saw the bandages around his head, so she could only assume that had had already lost it at this point. Moriko slowed down a bit, watching him just glare at the academy. Her brow furrowed slightly, did this actually happen? Did she actually meet him on that day? Or was whatever this is, this genjutsu, just placing him here?

Without thinking she slipped away from her brother and headed over to the boy, she saw him pick up a rock and chucking at the building. What he wanted to accomplish, she wasn't sure. 

"Moriko!" Jun called after her, but she ignored him as she hurried up to Gankona.

She could see the pain on in his eyes, how it turned to resentment when he noticed her. He was glaring at her. She froze for a moment. Just reading his face as she had learned to in their time together. This Gankona wasn't bothering to mask his emotions. They spoke so clearly to her it made her heart sink. He felt hurt... betrayed by his own body... Seeing others live the dream that had been taken from him.

Above all, she saw the familiar pain of one that felt they were all alone.

It wasn't until now she understood how deeply his hearing loss had cut the elder Fujihara. The glare said it all 'How dare you live my dream.'

As she approached Gankona, she second guessed why she was going to him. What was she going to say to him? 'Hi I'm Moriko, I'm your girlfriend in the future but for some reason I'm in my 8 year old body, want to trust me?'

Yeah sure, that didn't make her sound like she was nuts.

It was a moot effort though. When she got close enough and tried to sign a 'hello' to him, he tossed the other stone he had picked up to the ground and ran off. She stood there, just watching him go. For the second time whatever this was decided to hit her where it hurt. First seeing the brother that she longed to have home, and again experiencing the relationship she'd give anything to have with him again. Now, seeing the man she loved hurting on the inside, but she was powerless to soothe him.

As much as she wanted to run after Gankona and get him to trust her, she doubted chasing him was what would get her to the bottom of this. He didn't recognize her, that meant he was a part of this world too. She could help him by fixing this and getting back to the real Gankona.

She rejoined Jun who took her hand again, looking a bit upset she went to go chase some strange boy, but lead her to her classroom and pat her head again. "Be good, I'll pick you up after classes."

"Okay Onii-chan," she nodded.

She watched him leave, and with no real recourse, she went to classes so she didn't stick out.

Really she didn't see anything worth investigating, the lessons were long and boorish, even when she was this age she could recite the textbooks and scrolls with little effort, thanks to the efforts of her family. Moriko found herself looking outside, studying her classmates, studying the teacher. But nothing stuck out to her.

It was the same as the day went on, they went on as she remembered. Nothing different, nothing had changed, only that scene with Gankona that she wasn't quiet sure if it happened or not. She was an energetic and easily distracted child. She could have easily missed him or forgotten that she saw him all together.

She remembered coming home to an empty house with her brother.

Watching him be a parent to her in their parent's stead. Fussing over her, making sure she was bathed and fed.

Her heart torn between the joy of seeing her brother like this once more, and the pain knowing this needed to end.

This wasn't her world, and she needed to get back. As tempting as it was to stay here, when things were good, to hear his voice again and be able to hug him, she knew it wasn't to last. She quickly went to bed hoping to find more answers in the morning, or maybe find out this was some kind of weird dream.

That was dashed of course when she awoke the next day to Jun saying "Come on Moriko, you don't want to be late for your first day."

Her eyes opened to see the same scene play again.

Well shit.
HSV - I'm small and cute again??
Solo Mission: Write and/or draw about your OC's first day at the Academy. They're re-living that day over and over again, so there must be a reason why. What stood out to them? How did they feel? Will they do anything differently this time around?

I can't draw, so I can't submit an Academy ref :iconokayguyplz:

But please enjoy Maya's old artwork, it's the closest thing I have :heart: HSV: May solo mission. [Time] by MayaNara [Mori was so girly back then... what happened?? No wait I know]

Did Mori and Gankona actually first meet that day? :iconbiggrin-plz: Suit and I mused over it, so maybe or maybe not

BUT JUN ;A; I need to do these two more often I MISS THIS GUY SO MUCH I CAN'T EVEN ;3;
Moriko Hayashi (c) AisteachSam
Jun Hayashi (c) MayaNara
Gankona Fujihara (c) Suiton-kun
Hello everyone, some overdue news coming your way!

Wednesday went perfectly, I now own my new condo! It's a little 1 bedroom with 800 square feet, but it's my little bedroom =w=

I was hoping to be in there by Saturday, buuuuttt we found termites under the carpet. The place has a concrete ceiling and floor with steel studs, so structurally nothing to worry about. But it's worth worrying about when you're going to put down a WOOD floor xD

So all this week right after work I'll be going to my place to get everything painted and ready for my uncles to put down the flooring this Saturday :heart: Which means once the flooring is done I can move right in!

My friend is giving me some old bedroom furniture, including a desk! Words cannot express how excited I am to have a desk!

I've shared a room with my sister for god knows how long, I haven't had a desk to work on since middle school ;w;

but I'll be a bit MIA till this weekend [hopefully] I'll check skype at night after I get back to my parents place~!

I'll post before and afters possibly


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