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Moriko Timeskip Ref Age: 20 by AisteachSam
Moriko Timeskip Ref Age: 20
Hnnngg my baby is grown up ;w; *worships the feet of :iconmayanara:* I'll make an official bio when it's time for the timeskip but I'm just ready to explode from how excited I am ;w;

I just... can't stop staring at this XD

My baby is becoming more confidence as time passes, I plan on having her as team leader in the ANBU before the skip, and after the skip she will be advancing in Intelligence, Medic will be her third path. Once she's a top tier Jounin, she'll be more then happy to have a family :eyes: When she reaches Team Leader in each path she gets a chakra tattoo of each division's symbol to have as basically a badge of pride and honor towards that path.:
The ANBU tatto will be on her left hip
The Intelligence tattoo will be on her Solarplexus [the nerve Center below the boobs, right in the middle]
And finally the Medic tattoo will be on her right upper arm
As you can see all in easy to hide places ;) [huge thank you to :icontaminki: for helping me figure it out

And thanks to dating Gankona for over 3 years Moriko has finally come to terms that she has a female body :iconbiggrin-plz: so her casual style is a bit more in touch with her feminine side

Her mission and ANBU outfits remain the same, except for the re-addition of the half mask.

Just... just go and love :iconmayanara: for me :iconloveloveplz:

I love the expressions too, Mori looks so scary when she's pissed... but the bottom expression is totally her 'this is the shit I have to deal with?' look

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Moriko sighed a bit sitting on the couch in Gankona's apartment. He told her he had some clan business to attend to, and it shouldn't take too long. She offered to make dinner for him and his siblings, and he told her only if she wanted to... He mentioned he'd like if she was there when he came home no matter what. Taiga and Roujin were out but they said they'd be back for dinner as well. She glanced at Akihiro before looking around at the room. Well.. dinner was cooking so really she had nothing to do. She had some music going in the background and she had a book nearby... but she didn't want to just sit here, at the same time she didn't want to just assume she could do what she wanted in someone else's house.

Although, as she looked around at the room, surely Gankona wouldn't mind if she... cleaned a bit? It wasn't trashed but she noticed some dust, maybe a bit of dirt. She didn't really take Gankona for the cleaning type. She didn't really blame after all he was taking care of his younger siblings in his parent's stead. Just like her own older brother had to do... And Moriko was the one who ended up cleaning the house instead of Jun.

Surely Gankona wouldn't mind if she cleaned his house too, right?

Moriko glanced around to see what she could do. Dusting the furniture looked like something on the list but she didn't want to put dust in the air while she was cooking. So that was something that could be done another day. She did use the kitchen, so it was only fair she cleaned that room at least. 

At first she took a wet cloth, and only cleaned the counters, but she felt like she basically just pushed the mess on the floor. It felt like a half assed job to have a clean counter but a messy floor, but Moriko didn't want to kneel down and clean in her regular clothes. That was why she only did it in a white t-shirt at home, bleach can't damage what is already white. She frowned a bit to herself, thinking on it. She knew she had a half hour before dinner was done cooking, so she looked back at the floor. She could just sweep it, she supposed. Moriko had another hour before she expected the kids back, and who knew when Gankona was done with his clan business.

The Hayashi swept the floor, but she frowned a bit at the dirt caught in the grout of the kitchen floor tiles. Okay she knew she was being a bit of a perfectionist, but well... who knew the last time those floors were scrubbed anyways? That was what she was going to tell herself anyways.

With that Moriko decided to see if she could borrow one of her boyfriend's t-shirts so she could avoid accidentally bleaching hers. She found a white t-shirt then proceeded to change out of her clothes. 

She put on the t-shirt and tied the side in a knot to keep it against her body before she made up a quick bleach solution to give the floors a good scrubbing. As she calculated it, she'd had enough time to scrub the floors, wipe them up, take dinner out of the oven, and then let the floors dry before the kids came home. She got down on the floors and started humming a bit with the music as she started getting down to work.

Gankona was never exactly thrilled to be called up for clan business, he never knew what it would be or how long it would take, but still he wasn't going to complain. He respected his clan and their wishes, even if they can be a pain in the ass.

He opened the door to his apartment and walked in. When he smelled Moriko's cooking, he knew she had stuck around, and honestly the smell made his stomach growl a bit. He looked around for his girlfriend and closed the door behind him. Akihiro came over and greeted him, so Gankona just gave him a couple of pats on the head before venturing further into the apartment. As he approached the kitchen his nose caught a whiff of bleach. His brow furrowed a bit as he looked into the room.

The Fujihara saw a scrub brush and an empty bucket in the sink, dinner was on the stove cooling, and when he looked down he couldn't help but smirk. Well there was his little girlfriend, and it looks like she forgot pants. She had his back to him and was wiping the floor with what looked like a damp cloth. He could tell that was his shirt she was wearing, but he cocked his head at her black panties. They were basic, not lacy, but still a pleasant sight to come home to. He saw that the light on the radio was lite, which meant it was on, and that was what covered his entry and footsteps. Honestly he wasn't surprised that she hadn't taken notice of him. Moriko tended to 'zone' whenever she was doing something non-ninjutsu related. It was kinda cute how focused she could get on tasks.

The only question was, how was he going to alert her to his presence? Of course touching her butt was an option, but he didn't really think she was ready for that to be touched yet. He figured he may surprise her in a bad way and with those ninja reflexes she may accidentally hurt him. So that was a nope. He settled for a more innocent part of her body as he leaned over and grabbed her sides, he felt her body freeze under his touch as she twisted herself around. He smirked at the surprise on her face as he pulled his hands back to sign, 'Is this your way of seducing me?' 

His comment took the intended effect as her face turned scarlet. Eventually it just turned into a pout, 'I didn't expect you until later...' she was keeping an eye on the time so the kids wouldn't catch her in her little cleaning outfit, she had about fifteen minutes and had just finished. Besides, Taiga and Roujin always announced when they were home. Gankona did no such thing.

'I can tell.'

Moriko got up still blushing, 'Well you do have timing, I just finished cleaning the floor... just need to leave it to dry. I hope you don't mind I borrowed your shirt.'

Gankona shook his head, 'it's white, just toss it in the washer.'

Moriko nodded and smiled a bit, 'I'm going to go change now.' 

He returned her nod, but followed her into his room after she turned off the radio. Moriko wasn't put off by him closing the door since he turned his back to her to take off his top. He didn't follow her in to look at her, just to change as well. He was so respectful. Always looking away or leaving the room whenever she changed, even though he has already seen her in a bikini and a towel. She had found out he liked seeing her in a bikini, but wouldn't openly admit it, just told her she looked good and needed more confidence.

She paused as she was about to take off his shirt. She looked back at him, blushing slightly. He was letting her control the relationship, she was figuring that out. The way he was vague on what he liked and never made any requests of her. He wanted her to approach him on what she was comfortable with. Well... maybe they could take another small step today... It's been over five months, and he hadn't given her the slightest pressure into something she was uncomfortable with. She felt she wanted to reward his patience just a bit. Seeing a girl in their undergarments wasn't a big deal to some, but to modest Moriko it was a small step towards being more comfortable with her boyfriend and with her own body.

The Hayashi stopped what she was doing and went to him. She took his hand gently, gaining his attention.

'It's okay if you look,' she signed with a blush, as soon as his eyes fell upon her.

He blinked and turned to her, letting her lead him. He sat on the bed when she encouraged him to. His face was an obvious, 'you're sure?', he didn't need to use his hands to show her his confusion.

Moriko was still blushing, but she nodded, 'You've seen me in a bikini... which is basically a waterproof bra and underpants that is somehow socially acceptable. So...'

Gankona nodded, sitting back, his eyes studying her for any uncertainty, but she looked right at him as she backed up a bit. She took a deep breath and removed her shirt. He didn't do anything, just watched her, but he noticed the subtle movement of a hand that went to her hip. The same hip that the shirt had covered. He glanced at her, seeing her sigh and finally pull her hand away from it. Letting him see the scar on her hip she kept hidden. She didn't like people seeing it, she didn't even like seeing it, it linked with too many bad memories. He stood up and walked over to her. His dark eyes studied her as he put his hands on her sides, one hands slipping down and covering the mark. She met his gaze, putting her hand over the scar on his chest. 

"S-So?" the word slipped through her lips without a thought. He only smirked wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her. Not moving it further, not even an attempt to take her undergarments off. She smiled against his lips and kiss him back. Strangely enough she felt a bit of weight on her chest melt away. Another strange thing was, it felt kind of right being against his body like this. She blushed slowly breaking the kiss, looking up and seeing his smug smirk. It was obvious he was pretty pleased with this. She couldn't help but giggle a bit.

'So who is showering first?' he signed.

Before Moriko could answer she heard the door and Taiga's voice announcing he was home. Her face flushed slightly, so she looked at him, 'you shower, I'll get dressed, Tai is home.' Which meant Roujin wasn't far behind.

He looked at her and nodded leaving for the bathroom while Moriko put her clothes on. While Taiga was happy with the couple dating, they both doubted it was be the slightest bit appropriate for him to walk in on the couple half naked. Once she was dressed she went to greet Tai and talk to him as she made sure the floor had dried. Deep inside, Moriko was happy, feeling pride with herself over the small step she took tonight.
HSV - Housewife time
Ah the feeling of being parents without actually being parents ;w; 'Honey the kids are home put some clothes on!'

But Gankona and Moriko adore his sibs, so they really don't mind |D

I've had this in my stash for some time, but wanted to wait until we felt it was around the right time that Mori would be a bit bold in the relationship. They've been dating for about half a year now, and Gankona has been a very good boy >T

But really Mori, you feed him, clean his kitchen, and let him see some booty, how was he not supposed to think you were seducing him? My silly little clean freak ;w;

I need to do a fic of Mori having personal time with the kiddies...

Moriko Hayashi (c) AisteachSam
Gankona Fujihara (c) Suiton-kun
Taiga Fujihara (c) IluvGaaraAndKimimaro
Roujin Fujihara (c) lovely-lolo

It was always great to have some guy time with Yamada, he’d been feeling a bit… I believe neglected would be the word to use, since everyone was in a rush to train for the chunin exams and no one had time to hang with him.

Being the friend that Kou was, upon hearing Yamada’s thoughts he decided he’d take some time out of his schedule to his fellow red-heads bud and make the guy feel like he mattered to his friends.

Kou was not exactly a plan maker, he usually just took the lead and just let things just happen but oh well. Yamada was a pretty laid back guy, surely he’d have some idea of what he wanted to do.

Before seeing Yamada however Kou did need to get some training in. He had to work on his wind jutsu since he was getting better at it, but not quite at the level he felt he’d need for the exams. He needed to find someone else with the wind element to see if they can teach him any jutsu.

Soon enough Kou was finished and was running home to grab a shower and put on fresh clothes to see Yamada, since it was a really hot day out and he had sweated enough to notice his smell. Usually with Yamada, there would be drinking, video games, and typically more drinking at the bar, so Kou would have to grab something to eat and drink a lot of water before coming over.

It may surprise people to find out Kou was actually a responsible drinker. He knew what was too much, to be hydrated, and to have a belly full of food before drinking. Just for good measure he went and picked up a six pack from the store before going to his friend’s place. As soon as all of the above was checked off he was happily knocking on his buddy’s door.

The red head opened the door to see his fellow red head. “Yo man,” Yamada grinned.

Kou returned the grin and presented his gift to his friend. “Beer for my main man?”

Yamada smirked at the offering, “You read me like a book man, thanks,” he said taking the beer off Kou’s hands.

“Hey gotta be a good guest am I right?” Kou chuckled, “So video games?”

“Got racing all set up for ya.”

“You are the best man.”

“I am ain’t I?” he joked.

For the two, video games were the go to activity. They were both a bit lazy and were perfectly happy to go with the flow as Kou cracked open a beer and walked into the room before taking his place on the couch.

“So what do you say to making this interesting?” Yamada put the other beers in the fridge then came back with two clear glasses. Kou raised a brow to his friend taking the offered cup.

“Depends what cha mean by interestin,” he mirrored Yamada’s smirk as the other made himself comfortable.

“Drinking game?”

“I’m listening,” Kou grinned.

“We play our racin game, the goal is to corss the finsh line first, but,” he raised a finger, “You gotta finish your whole beer before you finish or you’re disqualified, and you can’t race while you drink.”

“Oh that sounds like so much fun let’s do it!” The Byakko grinned pumping his fist.

Yamada smirked and offered Kou a cup to pour his drink into. Usually they just drink out of the can or bottle, but for this, they wanted to keep an eye on how much beer they had left before they finish drinking.

“Alright you ready?” Yamada asked.

Kou picked up his controller, “Ready and willin.”

“Cool,” the other smirked setting up the game.

With that, the race was on.

It may appear to be a stupid drinking and racing game between two guys but really it was a little more involved than that. Like figuring out when to drink and when to race.

The two looked each other in the eye then braced their grip on their controllers, as soon as the word ‘GO’ was shouted on the tv, both of them hit the gas button.

Knowing when to stop and drink was the biggest problem. Kou figured after every lap he’d chug some down before continuing, and it seemed to work, he wasn’t really watching Yamada and his drink since the Byakko was already trying to drink and drive. Which didn’t seem very safe but they both had their asses planted on a couch, so really it’s not like it was unsafe.

With a lot of chuckling and gulping down beer eventually Yamada throw his hands in the air.

“Winnneeerrrr~!” he grinned, a few seconds before Kou finished. Kou pouted but looked over to see that Yamada’s beer was in fact done, so yes Yamada did win, so Kou chuckled.

“Play again?” he offered

“I’ll get two more beers,” his friend smirked before jumping up and going to the kitchen.

Kou leaned back, this was actually really fun, so when Yamada came back Kou was more than happy to ask for a rematch.

“So are we even going to go to the bar tonight?” Kou eventually asked.

“Nah, don’t feel like it, we got plenty of beer here. Wanna just race, get wasted and stay over?”

“Dude don’t need to ask twice I’m totally game for that,” Kou grinned.


So the two spend the night playing their video games and drinking until god knows when. Kou won some while Yamada won others, but really they stared getting so drunk they couldn’t even play straight anymore and ended up being a couple of chuckling drunk men. Kou overall loved his guy time with Yamada, he was a really chill dude that had a pan. It kind sucked the other wouldn’t be in the exams, but Kou draped an arm around Yamada’s shoulders swearing his bro loyalty to the guy, if either of them remembered Kou’s vow, we could only wait until morning to tell.

HSV - Game time!
MISSION : Use any of the prompts below, all must be SEPARATE entries :
1. Game


Word Count 1008


I loosely based this off an rp with me and :iconramonachan:

Kou Byakko (c) AisteachSam
Yamada (c) RamonaChan

Even as a single guy, Kou adored Valentine's Day, the day that was all about love and good spirits. Happy couples were walking the streets and enjoying the holiday, the very aura of the village was light and inviting. 

He'd make chocolate but sadly he knew he'd just end up burning it, or it may somehow explode...

He wanted to make something chocolatey for Reika, but he didn’t want to just buy something, that didn’t really feel right to him. I mean the people who made the store brought chocolate need money too, but that’s not something you give your best friend the day you’re supposed to make something from the heart.

Kou tried to think on it, he couldn’t bake, he didn’t want to buy… so… he smiled and thought of the solution. He knew someone that could help.

Of course he knew it was a bit imposing as he knocked on the door, but he knew she’d help. She was just that type of gal.

Soon his potential saver opened the door.

“Kou? How can I help you?” the white haired girl gave him a concerned look seeing the sheepish look on his face.

“Well, uh Momo I know this is kinda last minute, but ya think ya could… y-ya know… help me make some chocolate cupcakes for my friend Reirei?”

Moriko crossed her arms a bit and stared at the genin before her. She knew he couldn’t cook. Hell she banned him from her kitchen because he caused too many explosions! Moriko made the mistake of thinking she can teach him to cook, but after a few ruined appliances she had to gently tell him she didn’t think it was going to work.

Still thinking it over, Kou was a nice guy who wanted to do a nice thing for his friend. She was making cupcakes anyways, “Alright I can make a couple more, I was making some anyways.”

She braced for the hug when Kou gave her that overjoyed smile that always proceeded some sort of glomp. Moriko really liked her personal space but of course that was a concept that she knew was beyond Kou’s comprehension. Soon enough she felt Kou’s arms squeezing around her body to show his appreciation.

“You’re so awesome thank you Momo!”

“Y-You’re welcome Kou,” Moriko gave a submissive sigh.

Kou grinned at her as he let go and she allowed him inside. He ran in to see a familiar blonde and a young girl he also knew.

“Heya Niro! Heya Kisa!” He said.

Niro himself wasn’t too sure of Kou since the other man was on a team with his girlfriend, and he knew the other man was a bit… ‘affectionate’. But the more he bumped into the guy, the more Kou came off as childish. He didn’t really seem like a threat, so Niro greeted him with a nod. Niro had more important things on his mind right now.

Like when his childhood friend was gonna take those cupcakes out of the oven. He was watching the contraption like a shark smelling blood. Only this was a farmer who wanted his chocolate fix.

“Niro they won’t cook any faster if you stare at them,” Moriko sighed.

“I still think they’d be faster if this thing was a wood oven,” he grumbled.

Kisa on the other hand smile and ran over to hug Kou, “Hiya Kou-kun!”

“Heya!” Kou grinned returning the hug and lifting the kid up.

“Moriko-senpai is making cupcakes,” she grinned, “They’re in the oven right now, you have great timing!”

“No thumping around or the cupcakes will go flat,” Moriko reminded the two as Kou put Kisa down.

“Sorry!” came the two’s apologies.

Mori shook her head then returned her attention to the timer to know when the cupcakes would be ready to pull out. Her dog, Akihiro, was given strict orders to stay out of the kitchen, so Kou went to the pouting dog and petted him to cheer him up to pass the time along with Kisa.

Soon Moriko tested the cupcakes and saw they were perfect done, she took great pride in her baking so she smiled as she took then out of the trays and onto a rack to cool while she made the icing. The men and the girl just stared at the baked chocolate delicacies as Moriko turned her back to make the frosting. “Don’t even think about it, they don’t even have frosting yet,” She stated as soon as Niro moved to take one.

Niro pouted at his friend then put the cupcake back. “They’re taking too long,” he muttered. Kisa giggled then made the same bored expression Niro was making just to mimic him.

“Patience,” was Moriko’s only reply.

Kou one the other hand knew to not touch until Moriko said so, she tends to get a little protective of her baked goods, and since he knew he was imposing on her at last minute he was going to keep his hands off until given the word.

“Can I frost mine and Reirei’s?” he asked looking at Moriko as she filled an icing bag and started frosting one cupcake at a time.

The Hayashi looked at Kou then thought about it for a minute before nodding, “I suppose, come here.”

She handed Kou the bag then took two cooled cupcakes from the rack. She talked him though how to handle the bag and guided the nozzle on the cupcakes for him.

All and all, don’t let Kou near an oven, but he may have a future as a cupcake decorator.

The icing still was a little sloppy but it stayed on the cake at he threw some sprinkles on the cake for a bit of color.

“Alright there’s a container in that cabinet right there,” Moriko said going back to the other cakes.

Kou again nodded and turned his back on his little creations to grab a container before looking back.

“H-Huh?” his eyes went wide seeing his cakes where gone!

“What is it Kou… oh…” Moriko frowned a bit when she looked back to see that not only were Kou’s cakes gone, but about half of the cakes she had just frosted.

Akihiro was still on his bed, so Moriko looked at the other two suspects. Seeing Niro and Kisa’s armloads and faces meant they were caught red handed, or as the case would be, chocolate faced. Moriko spied Kou’s sloppy cakes in Niro’s arms.

“Niro… put them back.”

The farmer only narrowed his eyes at her, his cheeks puffed out with all the cupcakes he shoved in his mouth.

“Niro…. Give Kou his cupcakes back…”

Niro glanced down at his armload then finally… put one back on the table.

“The other one too Niro.”

After a minute Niro finally gave up the other one, Moriko took them from the table and packed them up for Kou, “Here Kou, tell Reika-san I said hello.”

“Do you want help with them?”

“No I got it, go ahead,” she shooed him out the door, “Tell me if she likes them.”

“Course! Thanks Momo!” he grinned before running off with his armload, leaving Moriko to deal with her cupcake thieves.


Kou grinned ear to ear as he knocked on Reika’s door, showing her the cakes as soon as she opened it. “Happy Valentine’s day Reirei!”

HSV - Chocolate!!
FEBRUARY: With the start of the Valentines day season, our HSVers are on high alert. This is our village's most FESTIVE time of year! And what better way to get excited about it that with CHOCOLATE!!!!

14/15 missions ;A;

I really gotta thank :iconxartisticphantom: for this idea~ Now I wanna do Moriko's side of this for her solo xD

But first Kou's 15th mission >'C

Word Count: 1224

Kou Byakko + Moriko Hayashi + Akihiro (c) AisteachSam
Niro Renkia (c) NejiRenji15
Kisa (c) xArtisticPhantom
Reika (c) The-Young-Cetra


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States



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