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It was strange how she was adjusting to his affection. Only a few months ago a single kiss was enough to make her freeze, now she was able to return them. He was gentle, patient, didn't mind that he had to ease her into physical contact, and it only made her feelings for him grow from his understanding. It never occurred she still didn't know his voice, but it didn't matter, he spoke enough to her.

He greeted her his usual way, his thumb tracing her lower lip before he lifted her chin so they would meet each other. The corners of her lips flickered into a soft smile feeling his against hers. Her face reddened moving them against him briefly before he pulled back wearing a subtle smile of his own. His dark eyes gazed over her and made her blush deepen all the more. His arms slid around her waist as he gave her another kiss interrupting any hello she may have given. She only returned the kiss again putting her hands on his chest before pulling away from him. 

She smiled at him, signing a 'hello,' asking him what he wanted to do. Wakana was out, it was just them and Akihiro. 

He glanced outside to where clouds were gathering, so he took his hands off her waist to sign back, 'The weather is looking shitty, we should probably stick here.'

She nodded stepping aside to let him in, he closed the door glancing around, seeing some interesting books on the table paying no mind to the dog sniffing around him. He smirked, 'Interesting subject... how good are you?' he signed with one hand as he picked up the massage books. He looked to see the red creep back on her face. 'Don't keep me in suspense.'

"I-I..." Moriko blushed more, her hands shook a bit as she started signing, 'I haven't practiced... it's just been reading...'

'This is more of a hands on subject,' he replied casually flipping through some of the pages. 'Why this?'

More blushing, 'A... friend suggested it... said I should have more talents or something to that note.'

He snickered a bit; 'Wakana?'

Moriko shook her head, she wasn't quiet sure what Gankona would think if it was his clansman's suggestion. She didn't know Narashi and his relationship yet, but really Narashi only suggested it so he could get a backrub out of it, kinda innocent if you think about it. But still, he might find it odd.

Gankona shrugged and put the book down, 'you should practice on me.'

She didn't even need to say it, her expression told him how the offered surprised her. He only smirked, 'We're getting better with physical contact, of course if you don't feel comfortable it's fine.'

'I don't see why not.'

'Only if you want,' he shrugged.

'If you're offering,' she blushed.

'I am.' he replied before undoing his sash and removing his top. Of course giving Moriko another shock since she had only seen him fully clothed. She wasn't exactly sure if it would be rude to look at him or not look at him. It's not like she wasn't use to half clothed men, her friend Niro lost his shirt almost every day, and she's seen men in swimsuits. But this was a guy she was dating who was half-naked in her house.

She blinked out of her thoughts when she saw his hands move, it took a moment for the signs to register and translate in her brain.

'That impressive?'

Oh god she was staring at him. If it was possible for her face to go any redder, it would have done so. He was lean, but even though he wasn't a ninja she could see the muscular definition. He took care of himself, that much was obvious. She didn't want to nod or shake her head, she wasn't sure how to reply to his playful question. "I-I um..." her eyes cast down to the floor as she muttered a 'sorry'.

He shook his head at her, closing the distance between them, tracing his fingers down her arm until her hand slide into his. He squeezed it softly as he gently lifted her chin so she'd look at him. He placed his lips on her forehead, telling her to relax and it was okay. Moriko took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes. She nodded a bit and took a deep breath, she was over thinking again.

He let go of her hand, 'Your annoying roommate is right about one thing, you need to relax.'


'Don't apologize.'

She smiled a little and looked down again, but again he made her look at him. 

'Should I put it back on?'

A shake of the head was his answer, 'No I was just surprised...'

'Did you think I was out of shape?' he gave a teasing smirk

Moriko's face went red again and she shook her head. 'Just...' She looked around, then pointed at the sofa. It would be way too awkward to take him to her room. He nodded and grabbed one of the books before heading over to the couch. He sat down then laid on his stomach holding up the book so they both could look at the pages. Moriko took a deep breath before getting on top of him, she put her hands on his back. She saw him glance back at her, but he only gave a small smile before looking back at the book. 

She was clumsy of course, and Gankona used what he was reading to coach her a bit, if she should go harder and what part of her hands she should use. She blushed feeling him flex beneath her fingers, she knew he was doing it to make her react. She pouted at the smirk he cast back at her. Soon, her strokes had more confidence and she blushed more hearing him groan, feeling his muscles relax beneath her. She stopped for a moment, looking at him, to which he signed at her. 

'See? Hands on practice, that was good.'

'Well good, I'm glad you like it...'

'Now it's your turn.'

The fact she didn't even bother to sign at him, just stared at him, told him she wasn't very ken on the idea.

'What? Knowing how it feels helps you learn,' he signed casually. 'You can keep your shirt on,' he added.

She looked at him for a minute, but finally nodded, 'I suppose...'

Gankona only offered a soft smile as she got off him and they switched positions, moving around Akihiro who decided to happily plop himself next to the couch. She blushed more laying down, letting Gankona get on top of her and put his hands on her back. She took the book from him and held it open like he did for her. She was tense about this, but as she felt his hands gently rub over her back, she began to take deep breaths. She trusted Gankona, she needed to relax.

It was quiet in the house as she let him touch her back, it actually felt... nice... she smiled a bit feeling her muscles slowly release tension. That was until the door opened behind them.

"Oh well if it isn't the idiot what are you doing..." Wakana froze seeing the shirtless man on top of her friend, "Wh-What are you doing?! GET OFF HER!"

Moriko moved up a bit seeing her friend, "W-Wakana?"

Gankona only rolled his eyes at Wakana and got off Moriko before he could get punched by the green haired kuniochi.

Wakana ran over pulling a very confused Moriko into a sitting position. "Are you okay? Did he do any bad touches?"

"No, Wakana-"

The other girl snapped her fingers and ran into the kitchen before running back in with a pineapple, "Use the pineapple and point to where to where he touched you!"

"I-I don't think a pineapple is a very good anatomy doll Wakana..."


The Hayashi just shook her head and pointed at the part of the pineapple closest to Wakana. "Just my back Wakana... he was rubbing my back..."

"Thats how it starts... then he makes you victim to his sexual urges!" the other shouted.

'I'm still here you know' Gankona signed looking completely unamused.

"I thought you'd be happy I was getting over my intimacy issues..." Moriko sighed resting her cheek on her hand.

Wakana pouted, "I still got my eyes on him," he looked at Gankona with a narrowed gaze before going back with her pineapple, she took it out, might as well eat it.

The man heaved a sigh before sitting next to his girlfriend, 'I think we should hang out at my place from now on.'

'Wakana is just protective.'

'Annoyingly protective...' he rolled his eyes but with Wakana out of the room he moved his finger under Moriko's chin to steal a kiss. Only to have a wet sponge hit him in the back of the head.

"Your kissing privileges are revoked!"

Moriko could see the frustration in his dark eyes as he cast a glare into the kitchen. She found herself giggling a bit and kissing Gankona's cheek, turning a bit red in the process. She was still a bit shy about giving affection, but it was the best way to thank him for putting up with her roommate. He seemed pouty but did nothing and just put a hand around her waist, probably plotting on how to get the green haired girl back for this hindrance. 

Soon it was late, and Gankona headed home after dinner and a kiss goodnight. Moriko didn't really want him to go, but he and Wakana kept getting on each other's nerves. She sighed a bit sitting down on the couch, flipping through her books again before she noticed Wakana coming over.


"So...?" Moriko replied raising a brow.

"Don't 'so' me," Wakana grinned plopping herself next to her uke, "How was the back rub? Is he good with his hands at least?"

The white haired girl blinked and looked at her friend, "Wait... I thought you didn't like him touching me...?


"Then what was with that whole scene when you came home?"

"Hm?" it was Wakana's turn to blink before she made a shooing motion with her hand, "Oh that, neh I wasn't bothered, I knew what I was looking at. He thinks he can just get whatever he wants so someone needs to teach him a lesson."

"So you weren't being protective... you were..." Moriko sighed trailing off and looking back at her book with a shake of the head, "I should not be surprised."

"Why would I be protective? I mean yeah you're my friend, but all three of us know if he tried anything you didn't want, he'd be flat on his back before he can blink. That's why I approve of your relationship," She leaned back putting her hands behind her head. "I mean... yeah I'd punch his lights out, if you kids didn't play safe and you got stuck with something."

"S-Stuck with something?"

Wakana smirked, "You know what I mean," the green haired kunoichi took the liberty of laying down in Moriko's lap, she poked the other's nose, "I'm the only one that gets to call you 'Mom' and I'm not sharing with some snot nosed mini Gankona."

"You know Narashi also-" Moriko was trying to refer to when Narashi had stayed with the girls for a month, and was on the receiving end of Moriko's maternal nagging, but Wakana cut her off with a glare.

"The. Only. One." She pouted, "I don't share."

Moriko sighed, "Alright I get it..."

"Good~ I mean you're a smart kid I know you'll play safe, so nothing to worry about," Wakana grinned poking her roommate's nose again, and making Moriko's face light up, "So... Mom... you made my pineapple cake?"

"Don't eat all of it," The Hayashi could only smile.

"I hear a challenge," Wakana pouted getting up.

"You'll regret it again," her roommate commented before looking back at her book. The words fell on deaf ears apparently as Wakana hurried off to the kitchen. 

Well, at least things were never dull in this house.
HSV - Rubs [GankoRiko]
This started as a cute fic about how Moriko's and Gankona's relationship was progressing... Then I added Wakana |D;

Since Gankona can't hear, he and Moriko mostly communicate by sign language so when you see ' ' instead of " " it means they are signing at each other. But Gankona can read lips fairly well so he's able to understand what Wakana is basically shouting about xD Not that he cares because she intrupted them >C

Wakana... she is the best friend you can ever have >'C Only the bestest friend ever doesn't want to share you. She keeps Moriko from getting bored, which is very important!

I need to do more fics with Moriko's other friends though >.<

Moriko Hayashi, Akihiro (c) AisteachSam
Gankona Fujihara (c) Suiton-kun
Wakana (c) mandarain-a

Narashi Fujihara (c) Taminki
263 deviations
God was she nervous.

She really shouldn't be this nervous, she was over thinking this, it was just a simple date. People went on dates all the time.

But this was her first one!

It was a bit sad, closer to 20 then 15, but having never been on a date before. Maybe he was only doing her a kindness, he was a really nice guy. No wait was that the low confidence talking? Maybe he was really interested in her and she shouldn't mess this up!

Moriko could only groan a bit as she shook her head. She was totally over-thinking this. She looked at the mirror and took a deep breath, "Calm down, it's just a date..." she muttered to herself. Shaking her head again she brushed her hair and threw it back in a clip, letting her bangs frame her face. She slipped on a simple skirt and shirt before leaving her room, cute but casual, it was odd not being in training clothes. Hell it was odd not having her equipment on her, but it wouldn't exactly be appropriate for a date would it?

She walked downstairs, still nervous but managing to regain her composure.

"And where are you going so dolled up my little Mori-uke?" came Wakana's voice.

Moriko's face paled, well if there was someone that could make the Hayashi lose her composure, it was Wakana. 

"Sneaking around too? My my aren't we up to something?" Wakana smirked closing her book and looking at her friend. "You're so going on a date, and you don't want me to know. It's Narashi isn't it? Come on you know you can't lie to me."

"No it's not him. For your information his name is Gankona," Moriko said falling for the trap. 

"Ha! I knew it!" Wakana exclaimed pointing at her friend. "That stupid deaf guy right??"

"Yes he's deaf but he certainly isn't stupid."

"Hm? What is with all that interest in him?" Wakana smirked.

"I've been spending time with him at the library... he's... the one... I well wanted to practice the sign language over..." Moriko admitted. 

Yes Moriko's date was deaf, but she found he was a really sweet guy, after an initially... rough first meeting. She hadn't met him too long ago. She was at the library and wanted help finding a book, seeing everyone was busy except for a dark haired man whose attention was outside the window, eyes obviously in his own world. She had gone to him and tried to speak with him, imagine her surprise that instead of speaking, the man started moving his hands at her before slouching back in the seat, obviously not very happy with being bothered. It took her a moment, but since he didn't simply tell her to go away, she looked at his hands before meeting his eyes again. She found herself asking if he could hear her, to which he took out a white board and confirmed her suspicions with a very gruff 'what do you think?'. She had then apologized, to which he seemed to accept before writing to ask her what she wanted. He took her to the books and even made a few recommendations for her, taking some books off a taller shelf and handing them to her. He wanted to exchange names, to which she agreed, and after that they began talking... well more of writing to each other.

Moriko figured Gankona was gruff because he basically had to tell everyone he communicated with what his weakness was, that he can't hear them. He seemed like a proud guy, it's probably as annoying as it was unpleasant to him to have to say the same things over and over again. That and the fact he was a Fujihara filled in a few blanks. She offered to learn sign language from him if they were to see each other often in the library, she reasoned it'd be useful to her anyways, while on missions, or if a deaf child came to the orphanage. He agreed so they began meeting up so he could teach her, she even practiced at home with Wakana, who was also learning sign language at a faster rate the her friend was, though, when Wakana expressed interest in learning Moriko's curiosity of the language, Moriko fibbed telling her friend that there was a deaf child at the orphanage.

"So my suspects were right" Wakana laughed a bit, because she won. "And here you thought you can fool me."

"W-Well imagine how frustrating it is having to tell everyone you can't hear! So I wanted to help him a bit... we studied in the library until the other day he basically said 'I don't think your boyfriend would appreciate you visiting here so often', so I told him I didn't have one and well... then he asked me on a date..." Moriko smiled a bit thinking of it, she really did find Gankona sweet, he had even given her a pocket sized sign language book. It was obviously old and well read, he told her it was given to him when he lost his hearing, and since he didn't need it anymore he wanted her to have it. He didn't make much of it, but the fact he kept it with him even after not needing it... she could tell it had some value to him.

"Do you realize that even if you can't fool me I go to the library pretty often right? I saw you" Wakana laughed a bit more, finding her friend's innocence funny, "well, he sounds a lot nicer with you than me. Anyway, I'm happy for you. Don't screw it though, with your clumsy personality when socializing" she nodded.

"I'm really nervous about it, he told me I didn't have to do anything dates were basically what we were doing already just spending time with each other... I told him I'd probably annoy him with a lot of stupid questions and he said he didn't care... so..."

Wakana sighed, here we go, "Don't overthink it. He's being nicer than he is. That means something" she looked at her "So don't think stupid stuff and enjoy the moment. Being how he is, if you annoy him he will tell you" she shrugged.

"He is blunt," Moriko laughed softly, "I do like how straightforward he can be... I just really don't want to screw it up, I don't know him very well yet but I really do like him... and that's what dating is for right? getting to know someone better?"

"You sure like blunt guys..." she smirked, clearly meaning Narashi. "but yeah, I guess" she shrugged, "just hang out with him and get to know him better. Call it date or meeting or whatever, it's no more than a label" she looked to the side, obviously meaning what mattered were feelings.

Moriko blushed, "Well it's less confusing when they are straight to the point," but she would nod, "He is really nice, and I do like spending time with him, he's pretty honest..."

"Mhmm" she nodded in agreement. "Well, then, it's decided, GankoRiko is canon!" her eyes glowed with excitement. Obviously giving Moriko her blessing to date the guy.

"Th-Thank you Wakana..."

"No problem. Mori-Uke needs help" she placed a hand on Moriko's shoulder and then look at her seriously. "But you will be my uke no matter what, I won't let that idiot surpass me"

Moriko just shook her head, "He's not an idiot... but thank you..."

"He is if he acts that way towards me" Wakana snorted

Moriko just sighed, deciding it's better to not ask how Gankona and Wakana were with each other. At least that was out of the way, now she just needed to not screw up the date. No matter what she told herself, she was nervously combating her self esteem, picking at her clothing choices, how much she was over thinking this, how it was possible she was underthinking this. She sighed, but then finally a knock came at the door. She could feel Wakana's smug look burn into her back, but Moriko ignored it as she opened the door with a nervous smile.

He was older, she knew that much, they hadn't thought to exchange ages yet. His expression was mostly static, only giving her smirks, or the occasional smile. His dark eyes were hard to read, but for some reason it only made her curious. She never heard his voice yet it didn't really bother her, he spoke enough through his motions and the words on his board. He greeted her with a soft smile as he signed 'Hey, are you ready?'.

Moriko nodded and signed 'Yes I am,' back at him as Akihiro trotted over to sniff their visitor.

Gankona looked from the dog, back to Moriko, he thought for a moment the took out his board, knowing Moriko was still a bit of a novice at signing. 'This is the dog you mentioned I take it?'

She smiled and nodded in confirmation at she took the offered board and wrote back, 'Yes, this is Akihiro.'

Akihiro wagged his tail and offered his paw to the man, who only rose his brow and took it, shaking it slightly before letting it go. His dark eyes then glanced at the green haired girl who had slipped behind her friend. 'She's your roommate?' he wrote to Moriko. Again she replied with a nod, not bothering to write Wakana's name since they seemed to know each other.

Wakana said nothing to the man as she slipped her arm over Moriko's shoulders and gave Gankona a stern look. The other kunoichi started pointing two fingers at her eyes then at Gankona multiple times in an obvious 'I got my eyes on you buddy,' gesture.

A smirk only graced his lips at he looked from Wakana to Moriko. He took a step closer to the white haired girl, slipped his thumb and index finger over her chin, making her head incline towards him. With a defiant look at Wakana he placed a gentle peck on Moriko's lips, making the girl's face explode in a deep red. Seeing Wakana's eye twitch, knowing he had done his job to get on the green haired girl's nerves, he slipped an arm around Moriko's waist and lead her away from the door.

"Hold on you're not winning this!" 

Moriko felt herself being pulled away from her date as Wakana yanked her roommate back by her arm. Of course The white haired girl had no idea how to react when Wakana kissed her too. 


"He started it by challenging me in front of my Uke!"

Moriko's face went red as she pulled away from her friend, she couldn't even think of what to say. She just sighed shaking her head, really she shouldn't be surprised. She glanced back at Gankona blushing, hoping he wasn't put off by the girls'... odd relationship. Thankfully Gankona didn't seem phased by Wakana's reaction. He just stared at the green haired girl blankly before writing down on his board, showing it to Moriko. 'Mind telling me where the bathroom is?'.

She nodded pointing up the stairs, explaining on his board which door it was. He nodded and went upstairs, taking long enough for Moriko to settle back down. He came back, only giving Wakana another slight glance before taking Moriko's hand and leading her out. Wakana and Akihiro peeked out the door to watch the two leave.

The walk was quiet. Well obviously it was a bit quiet, since one of them couldn't hear, talking was quiet pointless. He would glance as her and she would look back at him. He lead her to one of his more favored bars. Once they arrived Gankona unfolded his arms, and used the board to order Moriko and himself a small glass of liquor. From his observations, she seemed fairly comfortable with alcohol, so he assumed that she would be alright being brought to a bar rather than some over-priced restaurant.

'You look nervous,' he bluntly wrote down and slowly slid the glass of sake her way. 'Try to relax'

Moriko glanced at Gankona her face still a bit flushed as she accepted the drink with a nod, she leaned over a bit, writing on the board, 'I'm sorry. I'm trying,' she was always nervous when trying new things, she didn't want to be, she had a slight fear that if she didn't relax he'd reconsider the date. She looked at him, giving a slight smile.

He glanced down at the board with slight amusement, 'You don't need to apologize to me,' he wrote, not really minding her nervous composure. If anything he found it a bit entertaining, however it was difficult to tell what he was thinking half the time. He decided to take the lead in the conversation in order to make Moriko feel more comfortable, 'You mentioned having a brother; What did he leave the village for?' he wrote down, recalling the conversations they had in the library.

The Hayashi blinked at the question and seemed to debate how to answer, Jun left for a few reasons, some she's not happy with but others she could understand. She didn't like he felt he needed to put distance between them so he could let her grow without interfering, but Jun had told her he had questions that he knew the village didn't have answers to. As much as she didn't want him to go, she understood his need to. 'Jun', she started to write, but then paused for a moment before erasing his name and writing again, 'Our parents came from a village far north of here, Dad tells us how it snowed all the time and most ninjas were fire natured like them, Jun wanted to go and find the village. He said he wanted to travel and find answers to questions he had. We keep in touch by letters.' she explained with a small smile.

A curious glance was shown towards the board, and slowly nodded his head in acknowledgement. He never realized that there were as many villagers (most of them adults and seniors) that weren't native to Omoichikagure than what he had originally thought. 'What about you and your brother?' He wrote, taking a sip from his drink, 'Were either one of you from that village?'

From across the bar, two men would occasionally glance up from their drinks at Moriko, smirk at each other, and quietly make small talk. Gankona discreetly kept an eye on them.

Moriko smiled softly and shook her head, 'Mom and Dad came here when they were teenagers, they worked their way to being a couple of the top fire users in the village. Then they had us,' she smiled. She paused for a moment the looked up at him before writing, 'what about your family?' She asked. Even though she was a ninja she still paid no mind to the men as she took another drink. Moriko was unfortunately still quite unaware, or didn't want to be aware of, having a woman's body that would attract unwanted attention.

Her date shrugged when it came to his own family, 'My mother is a traditional housewife, while my father is usually out on missions. I moved out when I was seventeen, but I still visit from time to time.' He didn't bother to elaborate on that, and kept it simple. It wasn't because he didn't like his parents, but rather he didn't want to be dependent on them. Finishing the last of his drink, his eyes fell upon one of the men from earlier, it seems he was about to make a move on the Fujihara's date. 

Moriko had nodded at Gankona and was about to write more before the man smoothly slid into the seat next to her, rested his head on his hand and smiled charmingly at her, "Hey doll face, do you want me to take you out of this dump and go back to my place?"

The Hayashi's brow furrowed a bit at what he called her before she looked at him, "well that would be rude since I am here with someone, and secondly why would I go to your place when I don't even know you?"  She genuinely seemed confused at the comment, if not a little put off at how blatantly rude the man was. Of course she hadn't the slightest clue that the man was using a pick up line.

The man's head leaned to the side a bit as he caught a small glance at Gankona, and then brought his attention back toward Moriko as if Gankona wasn't even there. He smiled his most alluring smile, trying not to look defeated, "I don't mean any harm, doll face. I'll leave you alone." Admittedly, the man's ego was brought down a bit by her reply, but he wasn't going to allow her to know that. He leaned in closer, causing alot of discomfort for Moriko as she leaned away, but he took no notice of it and began to whisper in her ear that his offer was still valid. Moriko parted her lips to interrupt him, to repeat she had no interest in whatever intentions he had, the strangest thing cut off the man's sentence.

She felt herself be pulled back by the waist, finding herself in Gankona's lap, as his eyes focused on the man causing her discomfort. Her date then gave the man an irritable stare and flipped him off- the universe sign for "fuck off."  

The man had jerked back slightly by Gankona's sudden action, and appeared to be a bit offended that Moriko didn't seem interested in his offer. He briefly shuffled around before retreating back to his friend; he seemed to have thought he had a good chance.

Now being grabbed was the last thing Moriko had expected. She glanced at Gankona actually a bit thankful he couldn't hear since her words seemed to fail her at the moment. She couldn't even process how to react to his motion. Because of her embarrassment and the initial shock of being protected, she seemed to be a bit frozen.

Seeing that the man had walked away, the Fujihara gently let go of Moriko, almost apologetically for her rough relocation. She took a deep breath and looked back at Gankona as she slide back into her chair. He then causally scoffed like his action was no big dear and signed the word for 'asshole.' Causing his date to blush more. Gankona had not wasted time teaching her what she refers to as 'less then desirable vocabulary.' She understood his hand sign and simply nodded a little before taking a deep breath, leaning over and writing on the board, 'thank you,' was all she managed to write down on the board with a shaky hand.

Gankona propped his elbow on the table, and used his hand to rest his chin. He took notice of her seemingly uneasy disposition, 'Are you okay?' After putting the marker back down, he glanced down at her shaky hand and gently placed his hand on top of hers, as if to tell her to relax.

Her face went red again as she tried steadying her heart beat. She took a deep breath and nodded a little, she took the marker in hand and wrote down 'yes I'm okay, I was just caught off guard.'
She didn't really want to admit that a civilian caught a Jounin by surprise. But she didn't expect him to scoop her up like that. She thought she had it at least somewhat handled, but she wasn't the type to upright tell someone to F off. Gankona had no reservations about sternly sending the guy packing, so it was a good thing she supposed. She looked at him and offered a soft smile telling him she was still thankful for his intervention.

The Fujihara tilted his chin down slightly, and glanced at her red cheeks with a vaguely amused expression. Obviously he knew she tended to shy away from physical contact, but he never realized to what extent until now. Not that he minded, of course. He smirked slightly seeing the man and his friend exited the bar; bitter expressions imprinted on their faces as they left without one-night stands. He scoffed a bit, musing to himself that they should have gone after someone such as Minako if they wanted to get lucky. His eyes were then brought back toward Moriko's glass and he began writing once more, 'Do you want another drink?'

Moriko blinked at the message then glanced down at her drink before looking back at him and nodding. 'Yes another one would be nice.' she replied before looking at him. She tried to relax, she did like the touch of his hand on hers, it was, in fact, comforting. It was a little silly, she was a kunoichi and he was a civilian, if trouble arouse she'd be protecting him. But somehow the action of pulling her away from the man made her feel a bit safe with him. She didn't want to trust so easily, and it may be a while before she was comfortable with close physical contact, but a part of her told her it was a good chance with this man if they were to continue going on dates.

They continued to sit at the bar and drink. Neither were really good with small talk so Gankona decided to have her practice her sign language, to which Moriko had no objections. After a couple of hours it seemed to be a decent time to end the date. He paid for them both then took her home.

She smiled a bit as they walked back to her house, all and all the date was very pleasant, and she would not mind having another if he was interested. He seemed to enjoy himself from what she could tell. She glanced off to see the sun was setting, she smiled a bit watching the sky. Somehow it seemed warmer to her then it had been before. She blinked and looked back at him feeling his fingers touch hers, he showed her his board asking her, 'So, would you like to do this again?'

Her cheeks colored slightly as she used some of the sign language she knew, only hesitating to make sure she was using the right signs, 'Yes, I'd enjoy that very much.'

She saw his face soften as he put the board away. The girl offered a smile before she saw her house coming up, Gankona put his hands in his pockets as they approached, only taking out one to open the door for her.

"Well there you crazy kids are!" chimed Wakana from the couch. The green haired girl grinned at her roommate as she jumped up from the couch and came over followed by Akihiro who only whined at his owner, upset for being left behind. Moriko only smiled and pet the spoiled dog's head. "So how did it go what did you guys do?" 

It was then that Gankona approached Wakana and took her hand, putting a bundle in it before stepping back, a very self satisfied smirk on his face. Wakana blinked and looked at what the deaf man had given her. She opened the bundle to see, what was quite obvious to her, a pair of Moriko's panties. "WHAT?!"

Moriko oblivious to the exchange looked up at Wakana, "What is it Wakana?" she asked looking concerned over the outburst.

"Don't you act innocent missy, get over here!" Wakana grumbled some other things under her breath before unceremoniously lifting her roommate's skirt only to see that Moriko was in fact wearing underwear.


Wakana only narrowed her eyes as Moriko pulled her skirt back down. She now caught on that the deaf man had only messed with her and Moriko was actually untouched. She glared at Gankona who only crossed his arms still sporting a board smirk. "Oh it's like that huh? Well game on buddy, this is the closest you're ever getting to one of these if I have any say!" Wakana shouted pointing at the man.

"One of what Wakana?" Moriko sighed. Wakana only gave Moriko her undies back. Moriko had a very confused look on her face as she looked between the two.

"Your new boyfriend is a panty raider," her roommate growled.

"I-I don't understand," Moriko cast the confused look to Gankona who only signaled her to come closer so he could write his explanation.

'I probably should have asked, but I wanted to mess with her. I won't do it again,' he assured her.

'I would ask when, but I assume it was when you asked for the bathroom... but how did you know those were mine?'

He rose a brow then wrote back, 'It was safe to assume the neater room with the unused dog bed, music stand, lots of books, jounin vest and cluttered desk was yours.'

'Well excellent deduction skills but please do not do that again, it was a bit unnerving to be honest.'

'Don't worry, I won't'

Moriko only sighed, 'Alright, just I do not like the thought of my private things being touched and shifted through without my knowledge or permission.'

'It won't happen again. Doubt she'd fall for it twice.'

'As long as you don't do it again.'

He only nodded to confirm he understood. She sighed and wrote down, 'Good.' God if he was like this around Wakana would it even be a good idea for him to be around Niro? Or even Jun when he got back?

Gankona looked at her for a minute, he realized that yes he had upset Moriko a bit by being a dick. Going through your girlfriend's dresser on the first date just to punk her roommate did not seem as good of an idea in hindsight. But she was a forgiving person... she'd overlook this... right? He then looked at the board and wrote to her again, 'Are we still on for another date?'

She looked at the board, then glanced back at him. If she didn't know any better he almost seemed nervous she'd say no, the way his brow furrowed as his dark eyes watched her closely. After a minute her face finally softened and she simply signed, 'Yes.'
HSV - First Date GankoRiko
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If you're interested in learning about her very interesting boyfriend --> Fujihara civilian by Suiton-kun

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Narashi (c) Taminki
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Jirou's POV

My body was covered in sweat as Kairi and I caught our breaths. My feelings were still very conflicted about what we were doing. I loved Kairi but all she seemed interested in was jumping on... well... little Jirou. Weren't couples suppose to go out on dates? Go for dinner? A movie? It kinda hurt that Kairi didn't seem to want to do all that. As soon as she came over my pants were off, and it feels good I'll never say it doesn't, but it just didn't feel right.

She kissed me and I kissed her back, I grunted when she shifted herself upon me, come on Kairi I'm sensitive after this stuff you know that. "You're such a stallion," she purred at me. My face went red, I don't like this dirty talk, can she stop it? It's embarrassing.

"Th-thanks..." I muttered. She giggled and stole another kiss from me.

"Sorry, you are so cute when you're embarrassed," she explained, she moved her body against me again, making me curl my toes and give a groan. She wanted to go again I could tell, but I just... didn't want to.

"Kairi stop..." I sighed.

She blinked at me, she had this surprised look like I'd just slapped her. "Can't we take a break from this?"

"Why? You don't like it?"

Oh god she sounded upset, no no I didn't want her upset. "N-No it's just... I wanna do more then just... this."

"So you don't like it," she reaffirmed going to get off me. I took a deep breath and sat up grabbing her arm.

"No Kairi... I don't want our relationship to be just sex, I donno what kind of relationships you were in before me but they musta been real shitty," I explained, even though... didn't Kairi tell me I was her one and only? Why would she think a relationship can be just this? 

I gave her a soft smile to reassure her seeing she was a bit confused, I pulled her closer into a hug, little Jirou reacting to feeling her breasts on my chest but I ignored him, he got more then enough attention. "Look, a healthy relationship is us enjoying our time together not just goin at it," I put my finger under her chin and had her look at me, "How about today we go out, grab some dinner and see a movie? A nice change of pace and I can treat you like a princess okay?" I asked.

I was confused when she still seemed hurt, why is she hurt? Isn't this a good thing? "I-I don't know..." Kairi replied.

"Why? Kairi I don't understand is this really all you want to do with me? This isn't healthy..."

"Because I lost my last few relationships because I refused to give it up, and now that I gave it to you... I don't want to lose you... I love you Jirou.." she looked like she was verging on tears. Oh god please no not tears, was it really that bad of a suggestion?

"L-Look Kairi I love you too. Those guys are assholes okay?"

"You don't sound very sure..."

"I'm sure I swear to you! I don't think just us... well you know... just doing stuff in my room all the time is a good thing..."

Kairi looked down, man why am I such a screw up? I shouldn't of said anything... if the sex makes her happy I means it's all good right?

"I guess we can go for a date... If it'll make you happy..." she submitted. 

I blinked, was she really so against going on a date? "I promise you'll like it okay? Don't you trust me?" I asked trying to be light hearted, but part of me was already kinda regretting it. But she got up and got dressed as I had wished. I followed suit, determined for her to have fun on this date. I loved Kairi but I just wanted more from this relationship... was I wrong?

Later that night I had showered and was standing in front of the mirror. I felt guilty as I dried off my hair. The date wasn't really all I hoped for... Kairi didn't really seem to have much fun, she just kinda kept gazing at me and seemed upset whenever I looked away from her. I don't get it, what am I doing wrong? 

I heaved a sigh and looked at the mirror. I'm just trying to be a good boyfriend, I love Kairi, I want to give her the best I can give her... but is my best really just keeping her cooped up in my room and bedding her? That doesn't seem right...

It's because you don't really love her

I blinked at the voice, it sounded... like Taro's. I looked around but the asshole wasn't there. "The fuck?" I muttered. I looked at the mirror again and... am I glaring at myself?

Come on Idiot, figure it out

My mirror self's mouth moved but Taro's voice came out.

Shes just using you, that's why she doesn't want a healthy relationship with you. You're her little sex toy

"Th-thats not true..."

You're miserable

"Not I'm not, I-I'm just figuring out this relationship thing..."

You're just lying to yourself Idiot...

I didn't understand, why was this happening, why was I shouting at a mirror? No matter what I said my mirror self countered it.

You don't love her

This is all a lie

You're being used


"SHUT UP!" I found myself screaming as I held my head. In that moment I became terrified as the mirror shattered itself. Tears were going down my cheeks as I stared at the broken glass. What just happened? I didn't touch it!

"Jirou? Honey?" came my mother's voice. She seemed to be aware of everything I do, and for once I was grateful.

"Mom..?" my voice was small, I doubt she heard me.

In flash she was there in the bathroom, seeing the broken mirror then checking me for blood. "What happened."

"I... I-I don't even know Mom... I-I don't even know."

Later that week

I didn't like upsetting Mom, she's been the only sense of true security I've had since my accident. I knew I could trust every word she said. I knew she'd protect me however she could, that whatever she did would be in my best interest.

But I know the animosity between Taro and I was making her mad. I could see it in those eyes of hers as we ate dinner. She glanced from me, to my brother, then back to me. Taro and I have only glared and yelled at each other for the past week, it's not like I wanted to, but he kept pushing my buttons, insulting my girlfriend, calling her a slut and a liar. I don't care if he didn't like her. He can't insult her like that.

Dad had said nothing, he and Mom glanced at each other, then shook his head and shrugged returning to his dinner. I've noticed my parents could read other other. They looked and motioned at their spouse and the other knew what they were saying. I wanted that to be Kairi and I, I wanted to look at her and know what she was thinking, was feeling, what would make her happy, but she was as unreadable as the day she walked into the hospital room. I need to ask Mom about this, I didn't know what to do.

Of course something else has really been weighing on my mind. I haven't told anyone, not even Mom in fear she thought I was crazy and send me back to the hospital. I've been hearing things... voices I think. No one would speak yet I hear them in my head. Mom wasn't talking yet I could hear her voice.

I swear to god if this keeps up

I gulped a bit, yes she was mad.

God I hate that fucking pig, this is all her fucking fault came Taro's voice.

On instinct my hands hit the table, I couldn't stop my body or mouth as I stood up, "Why are you such an asshole!?"

Any chatting my siblings were doing immediately stopped. Everyone had their eyes on me, Taro just stared at me. "What are you on?"

"I-I can't take it anymore! Stop insulting my girlfriend, stop callin her a lair! You're the only liar here!"

"Why do you believe that? Because that hussy is saying so? Get a grip, she's using you! How much have you spent on her, when she's not keeping you upstairs exposing you to her diseases?!"

"That is none of your business! I love her! I've been the only person with her!"

"Yeah because she says so? Ask every fucking guy in school!"

"I don't believe a fucking word that comes out of your mouth!"


It was Mom's turn to slam a hand on the table, I saw it buckle under the force as we all jumped at her tone. She was pissed. 

"Out. Now."

"B-But Mom," Taro started.


We both slinked out of our seats and quickly retreated out of the kitchen.

"Do you want me to deal with it dear?" came my father's voice.

"No I got it, just look after the little ones."

I was having a hard time believing I cursed in front of the little kids, what possessed me to do that?

Mom came out and looked at us, "Go downstairs to the sparing room, not a single fucking word from either of you until I join you."

Taro and I glanced at each other then nodded as Taro lead me to the sparring room in the basement.

It was awkward just standing on the padded mat, staring at the door waiting for Mom to come. Taro didn't look at me, and that was fine, I wasn't too keen on looking at him either. Soon Mom walked down the stairs, dressed in a sports bra, fingerless gloves, and work out pants. I have to say I still have trouble believing she had seven kids, her figure could rival a twenty year old's, then again she did work out alot, so maybe that was it.

"You two morons have three fucking options," she spat throwing padded gloves at our feet. 

I winced at her tone, Taro was visibly affected too. "M-Mommy..." I tried.

"Don't 'Mommy' me, causing a scene at dinner, cursing in front of Tsuneo and Yasu? You're such big grown men you think you can curse in front of four year olds?"

"Mom..." Taro started.

"I'm not done!"

He got quiet really quickly.

"I'm sick of my sons fighting, you're brothers, you're suppose to love and trust each other. Taro you are acting like a fucking five year old, and Jirou you should treat your brother's words with more respect, I raised you both better then this," she gestured to the gloves, "Now first option, you can kick each other's asses and get it out of your systems, second option, I just go batshit on both your asses, or," She smirked, "It's the 'Get Along shirt' for the whole weekend."

"Wait wait, you want us to fight? I-I can't fight! W-Whats the Get along shirt?" I questioned. What the hell is she talking about fighting? We aren't some martial arts students, we did kendo! Even then my Kendo coach has let me just do warm ups until I felt up to fighting someone. Mom just looked at me, raising a brow as she raised a picture up so I could see it. It was me and Taro, we looked younger, maybe a couple of years, both of us stuffed into this huge shirt labeled 'Get Along Shirt'. I looked miserable, I could see it in my own eyes I was begging for forgiveness, Taro, just looked annoyed as fuck. It looked uncomfortable, but I didn't want to fight my brother. "I-I um... th-that doesn't seem so bad."

"Nope," Taro said simply, picking up the gloves and strapping them to his hands. 

"You want to fight me?" 

"I want to knock some fucking sense into you. You're being used by that whore."

I frowned at him, fine if this is how he wanted to settle things, fine. I'll knock his block off for insulting my girlfriend. I took a deep breath as I put on the sparing gloves, Mom, seeing that we had come to an agreement, stepped back to give us room.

She looked from one of us to the other, "On my mark," she said.

We both came to the center of the ring and she looked at us both, she raised her hand in preparation, "Ready boys?"

We only nodded, our focus was on each other. She then lowered her hand.


Taro made the first move with a swift punch aimed right at my face, well he certainly doesn't pull any punches does he?? Amazingly I somehow ducked and manged to kick my leg out to trip him, but his arm slammed down blocking my leg, I returned his momentum with a fist to the jaw, but he pulled back. 

This was... I don't know how to put it, strange, but familiar. It's like my body knew what it needed to do before I did. I blocked and punched, kicked and jumped, fully on instinct, no thoughts entering my brain but to wipe the floor with Taro. What kind of childhood did I have?? This was more then reflexes developed in swimming and kendo! Where we really taught to fist fight? Of course as soon as I began pondering, I lost focus, and Taro managed to get a punch in on my chest. I stumbled back a bit, taken off guard... I shook my head, I had to focus here. Taro had the advantage, he knew what he was doing, I didn't, I was listening to what my body knew.

Dad came downstairs I don't know how long later. Taro and I just kept pounding at each other, barely noticing him. I needed him to submit and say the error of his ways, I wanted to pummel this jerk into submission! Taro seemed just as determined as me, we were both breathing heavily but our punches didn't slow down. We were not stepping down or showing our exhaust. My muscles ached, my heart was beating in my ears, my skin felt heavy with sweat, and where Taro managed to get his punches in throbbed. Finally I managed to tackle him down, and our legs were so exhausted neither of us had the energy to get back up, so we just continued punching each other.

"Alright boys thats enough," came Dad's voice.

I panted as I tried to get one more punch in on Taro, not yet I'm not done yet! But Dad caught my arm as I tried to land the blow. 

"Jirou you're at your limit and you're not fully recovered," Mom told me.

"I have it!" I was ignoring the dizziness, the subtle spotting in my eyes, no what mattered was Taro and beating him.

"For the love of... ugh," It was then that Mom began muttering behind my back, I didn't understand why my eyes were dropping, how were strange words making me so tired? But soon, everything was dark.

Mai's POV

I peeped into the empty hallway dark hallway, since the idiots beat themselves into an early nap I didn't expect them walking around.  It was after 2am and surprisingly even Dad had already gone to bed.  Perfect. Sneaking out the next few times was alot easier. When I safety got a few blocks away I reached for my second phone and pulled up the information.  It still stung about even after so long there hadn't been a single lead about Ali.

I listened to Dad's reports being brought in about how when the second team had arrived that Ali had already gone in what seemed like a struggle.   It was inconclusive and was I relieved but it meant she had been in the wind without a trace. I gritted my teeth.

At least I was able to give Mac some peace. After school I snuck out during lunch and headed to his flat downtown. He was surprised to see me at the door, and even more surprised when I pulled out the golden paw print pen that had been in his family. He made little whimper noise that he cleared his throat after I rest it on the carpeted floor.  

"Thank you dear...I  thought I would never see this again if I have to be completely honest" He slipped it onto his feet and with a flick of his paw it landed in the open draw on the desk flawlessly. I smiled.

"It's the least I could do...Our family made you a promise..I intend to keep it"

"Just like your mother imprint you are. Just as stubborn and persistent but she did deliver the best results that way"   He gave a smile. "I suppose I am not to tell your parents about it" He spoke after I stared with a stutter.   "You're not a certified guardian yet are you?"

"No sir."

"This life is dangerous.... have you been trained?"

"Since I was a kid. All day every day I have free."

"Then there's nothing to tell"

I smiled a bit recalling the memory. I looked over the phone it didn't have a picture only coordinates. Every time a team checked them they came up empty  but locals have been complaining about a chill in the air. It seemed low case enough. My injuries from the first mishap still were flaring. It hurt just to balance on the roof top over looking the location in the distance with the binoculars.

I caught the grey green building in view. Only a few foggy windows and frost barred doors and when I switched to Magic cam there was a blue mist surrounding the building. Only the Magic has to come from a source, it showed up as a purple colored patch on the image but there was none. Only a dome of pure blue mist. 

"The fuck?" I timed my watch. Mom always checks on us at 4am in the morning time to check on everyone. I had to be back by then but something tells me it was going to take a while to figure this one out. I needed more time so I packed up and headed home, taking pictures of the scene to study and theorize in the morning.  

Amaya's POV

"Things are more fragile than they appear" My aunt Sakura finally looked up from the counter I had sprawled out on watching her cut vegetables dangerously close to my face. Though I knew she wasn't going to nick me with the knife, dressed in a one of my uncle Sasuke's dark buttoned down shirts under a white apron that dragged to the floor.  "One wrong move and there's a track can turn into a dozen real quick with the right pressure" She pointed the knife at me. "And before you know boom it's gone"

"Sounds like someone's still pissed about the vase" She bit her lip clenching her fist so tight I heard joints popping.  I just kept on crunching on a carrot trying to shake away the bad taste of everything that happened.  

"I don't know how Daichi managed to break it, he's usually more careful about it" Usually I'd make a wise crack at this point but the week drained all the joy straight out of me.   No harm lost if you asked me that Vase gave me the creeps.  

"Rest in piece ugly vase" I raised an empty glass as she slid the vegetables into a stew pot.  Her eyes narrowing at me she turned around. "Nothing says I'm grieving quite like ox tail soup am I right?"

"Nice try" She scolded. "We both know you can't have ox tail and ...yeah it was a pretty ugly vase..but I promised Naruto I'd keep it around yah know? he seems to be having some sort of midlife crisis.....parties..hang outs I don't know...."

"Who knows how some people react sometimes" Checked my phone and still nothing. Aika was completely incognito staying at Natsuko's place. So much for a decent party...can't anything go right without some emotional scarring for once?

"Maybe it was faith..after all..Naruto's vase went missing, looks like they had a break in since the lock was busted?" An eyebrow raised. Ria and Yuiko didn't talk about a break in.  Apparently the failure thieves didn't take anything but the Vase.  

"Maybe they were secretly worth something?" 

"Finding a valuable piece in a back yard sale?"

"Never know, maybe it was passed down through generations or something" She was ticked for the rest of the evening but when the oil started sizzling got the crab cakes to go with the stew, while my siblings and cousins ran amock in the living room.  The delicious screamy stew and cakes did nothing to help my mood. 

School the following day was just as tense as it would be. We managed to clean the entire pool room that day to avoid suspicion but needless to say the pool scene zapped the fun out of the room real quick.  It had to. No one wanted to see the birthday girl have a melt down. The awkward silence that followed were both painful and worrying and filled the gaps of silence with finishing off the food.  Luckily no one was an asshole enough to tweet about it, not out of kindess but out of the fact that being caught on compound after school hours was an instant suspicion. 

And everyone knew I would have taken all those assholes down with me if they had tried to screw Aika over, surprisingly not even Kairi made a move.  "Hey" Kiseki and Saya turned to meet me, both equally nervous expressions. Oh god. "What?"

"Didn't you hear?" Saya whispered closing her locker with a loud clank after taking out her monster of a text book. "Taro's planning an intervention in the cafeteria" 

"An intervention" I repeated. I  rubbed the new forming creases in my brow. It was bad idea week and everyone seemed infected. "I tried talking to him...maybe we should wait a little before doing it but he seems desperate to try's on"

"This a bad idea" Kiseki affirmed. "Terrible really"

"What choice do we have though?" My hand fell to the side.  "At least we'll have Kasume to shield the blow.." Another glance passed between the both of them. "Shit...what now?"

"Didn't Kasume call you over the weekend?"

To be frank between  Jirou's health keeping my own health on balance and checking the mental health of my other best friend, all while failing miserably at all three tasks. I haven't had much time to do much outside of walking the dogs and homework. At least I had more things to talk to Doc about, more uses for the punching bag was never too bad a thing. "Didn't really have the time why?"

"Oh man.." Kiseki said. "I don't know how to spill this one out"

"Easy really just say it you're freaking me out"

"Kasume's not coming back to school"

"The fuck do you mean not coming back to school?"

"I don't know all of the details..Okay? she just...called me over the weekend" Saya started. We strolled down passed the other students. "In tears..saying she wanted to leave...she's going to America apparently....she didn't say why or.."

"Shit" I muttered. "Shit shit shit...this is getting so so fucked right about now" This had Kairi's stink all over it but what the hell ? Kasume wouldn't let Kairi push her to something this extreme and frankly, even though in every villainous story I painted of Kairi, she wasn't twisted enough to do something like this either. So what the hell was going on? 


"Are sure about this?" My teeth were chattered leaning back on an empty cafeteria chair. It felt weird to be in here without all the food or buzz of everyone talking but Taro insisted that this would be the place for it to go down. If anything got loud it was far enough from any class rooms for it not to make a scene. Cold enough to keep him level headed and most importantly, space. If things got violent there was a large distance Amaya and I can put between them.  Mai sat next to her brother on the other side of the round table we sat at. I had already texted Jirou about her collapsing and to meet me in the cafeteria.

Every second I spent staring at the door was complete agony. Amaya and the others weren't here yet but Taro wanted to get it going before any other classes had free periods, particularly the one Kairi was in. Mai put a hand on my shoulder. "It's alright'll be fine'

"Really? because it feels like I just walked into a train wreck..before the train got here"

"I know what you mean" She sighed, half moons under her eyes. "But  Just as I was about to comment on that the doors opened. I jumped in my seat and cursed on seeing Kiseki's face. 

"Shit dude" I said trying to calm my heart beat. "You scared the living shit out of me, I thought you were Jirou"

"Sorry, Sorry I was looking for Yuiko but no dice"

"I sent her a text, she says she's on her way soon..Teacher's being a pain about having bathroom breaks." I muttered. He flopped onto the seat besides me. I felt like my rib cage was about to burst open long before those doors did.   

"Are you guys sure this is a good idea? I mean...he's already pretty agitated with Taro, is it really worth risking making him hate all of us too? Even Kasume seems to have given up.."

"What?" Taro spoke cutting off Mai. It had been the only thing he had said since we arrived here.  He shifted in his chair. "What do you mean?" 

"Eh? no way. Kasume and I both went to hang out with Jirou..she didn't give up!"  The door opened up and Jirou gave a worried glance over to Mai as he bolted over.  At least memory or no memory he was always super concerned about his family. He knelt in front of Mai.

"Hey hey what's wrong?" He glanced all over her. "Ria said you passed out are you okay? how come you're not at the nurses or something? Are you dizzy? in Pain? you do look a bit tired" He stared and blinked. "Wait....." he turned to Taro. "If she's sick why aren't you taking her to the nurse?"

"..Um.." Mai said with a smile. "I'm fine okay?"  We stood to out feet. Taro alot quicker than the rest of us. Since judging from the confused look on Jirou's face I could already tell this was not going to end well. 

"You're okay?" He turned to me. "Why did you tell me she fainted and was super hurt ? I mean I'm glad you texted me..but you sort of gave me a heart attack in class'

"Jirou..." Mai started. "I'm sorry I worried you but we needed to get you hear for a talk. We're worried about you! okay? so drastic shit had to be done."

"What?" He turned to me. "So you lied to me?" I took a deep breathe feeling my legs turn to jelly at his hurt tone. He clenched his fists a bit. "I said I'm feeling fine!" He told Mai. "Just a few headaches there's nothing going on with me..i'll get better.."

"Except there is!" Kiseki replied. "Your temper's out of control, you're getting don't even look like yourself anymore"

"I don't even know who the hell that is!" He roar. "How am I supposed to figure out who I am if you guys won't give me a chance to figure things out? Learn a little! it's only been a few weeks and it's like you're expecting me to figure this out on my own"

"We're not!" I butted in. "We're not , we want to help you we do we're not trying to pick at you or anything..just"

"That fucking slut isn't helping your situation" Taro said. Jeez he could have said it a bit more gentle. "This isn't about you not knowing who you are, it's who you're taking advice from and how much it's changing you for the worst!" He narrowed his eyes and let out a low growl. 

"Can you for pete fucking sake's quit calling my girlfriend a slut???"

"She is. Deal with it"

"WH-hat my less capable friend is trying to say" I said trying to save the situation.  "M-maybe a relationship isn't what you need right now" He was practically shaking. "A break, get your bearings in order then maybe if you still feel the same way after you get back your memories.....then fine..but just get better first..she'll just confuse you."

He stared his shoulders still tight. "The same could be said about you guys...everything that everyone says confuses me..should I just avoid all of you till I figure that out too?"

"if you need time from us, even from school! all of that would be preferable to this!" Kiseki reasoned.  "Maybe even spending more time in the hospital" The color drained away from Jirou's face. 

"No..n-no way." he shook his head. "Not back there! look I don't like this! I don't like how you guys seem to want to make me choose between my girlfriend and you guys how is that fair?"

"It's not about fear. She's using you and unless you see how bad she is for your health  you're going right back to that hospital"

"Taro" Mai said walking towards Jirou to catch him just as he was about to storm out. She managed to catch him by the hand and gentle tug back. 

"Dude" Kiseki said to Taro.  

I pulled out my phone and sent texts to everyone 'Hurry up this is going so so bad hurry the hell up!'  

"I'm not staying if he's going to be this much of an asshole!!"   I rubbed my head.  Then might as well he leaves, Taro wasn't in the mood. I got that much, between the constant fighting between him and Jirou their relationship is running on thin ice and he wasn't afraid to play the bad guy if he already had the role.  The guy just wanted his brother back, clearly he wasn't afraid to risk it all for every chance possible. 

"Jirou just calm down" Mai said.

"NO! I'm tired of him disrespecting my girlfriend and being a complete jerk either he goes or I go! and I don't want to listen to this anyway!" 

"Jirou" I stood and the lights in the room started flickering. With the freaky weather lately power outs were more common than I'd like. "Just take a deep breath"

"I thought we were cool Ria....I was actually starting know what forget it okay? just forget it i'm leaving and I'd like to see" He glared right passed me at Taro ."You try to stop me" 

"Quit acting like a damn baby. If you make a move out of this room i'll just drag you back in"

"Fuck off!"

"Creative really" He retorted.

"Guys!" Mai said. "Stop being idiots the both of you and take a chill pill!"

"Seriously, maybe just stop baiting him" Kiseki told Taro. "Making him Mad won't make him listen.." Jirou was seething next to Mia whose firm grip kept him from leaving, since regardless of how pissed he was he wasn't about to pull away from his sister.  It was clear as the minutes rolled by Mai holding him became less about  keeping him from leaving and more about keeping a fight from happening. 

"Can't you see she's just using you as your personal little fuck toy??? she doesn't care about you! your health any of that shit! cause if she did she would tell you the truth I know you know but too damn nice and trusting to believe it! Open your damn eyes Jirou-"  A loud crash was heard when suddenly Taro flew back into a table behind him. He rolled over it before crashing down hard. 

"AH" Jirou gripped his head and fell on one knee.

"What the?" Kiseki asked. Mai stared between her brothers. Heading over to Taro I helped him up from the chairs that broke his fall. 

"What the hell?"  I asked, Taro stared at Jirou just as the tremor started. A rumble that started out low but vibrated through the whole room. The tables, chairs and all of the equipment behind the counter rattled. Earthquake? I took a glance outside of the windows trying to steady my feet but nothing outside was shaking. Not even the glass on the windows themselves but then...earthquake couldn't do that.

Tables, chairs, spoons, and lunch trays all started floating in the air barely an inch from the ceiling. The chair I had my hand on lifted off the ground right in front of me.  Holy......Taro stared at the scene and another scream from Jirou was heard. "God my head"

Mai knelt with Jirou as he kept holding his head.

"......Fucking hell" Was all that tore me away from the furniture were the new eyes staring from the cafeteria door. Yuiko looked paler than Saya did, Amaya and Akina had mirrored looks of shock. They were trembling either, neither was anything in the hallway. 

It all came crashing down the second Jirou limped against Mai.   
Beyond the Veil C.25
Annndddd sh*t is going dooowwwwnnnn

Aika Inuzuka - Aria-Abomination

Eri Sincera Jirou, Taro, Mai Uchiha - :iconaisteachsam:
Yuiko Uzumaki - CheshireNova
Amaya and Akina Shiranui, Kasume Aio, Kairi Hozuki, Harumi Yamanaka (c) Me
Ria Uzamaki, Madana Uchiha and Kiseki Uchiha - annria2002
Daichi Uchiha (c) ch3rryb3rry101
Saya (c) Pelissa
Sorry guys, things have been well... stressful =_=;

First, which is minor but does affect my productivity, at work I have been moved to a computer in front of my boss because the new girl needed my desk, [though I have a strong suspicion that a co-worker of mine has made me out to be a slacker so my boss wanted to keep an eye on me, get rid of one problem and another presents itself ugh.] And well at work was where I got 70% of my writing done during my downtime at work, I haven't even updated my blog.

Second, my wrists aren't any better and I don't have an appointment with the doc till the 23rd, so I have to deal with the pain and stupid fingers for 3 MORE WEEKS. It is seriously cramping my writing.

Third, I've developed pain in my feet and ankles [started beginning of February], the foot doc says I have very flexible ankles so it's mostly my tendons that hold me up, and my sudden zealous exercise really worn them out, so I'm getting custom supports that will give my tendons a break, he told me i should have them in 2-3 weeks so until then I can't even get on the treadmill =_= Maybe the elliptical if I can squeeze in the time.

So I'm currently in alot of physical pain that pain meds aren't really taking the edge off, that and I'm frustrated that once I'm getting my life together my body decided to fall apart on me. I've become moody and slipped back into old habits of staying up late, sleeping in, eating, and just being all over unproductive because I'm pretty demotivated [is that a word? meh you know what I mean], and this is only increasing my frustrations. My temper has gone from lengthy to having a hair trigger. My reactions to BS have been quicker and quicker.

So if I'm not talking to anyone please don't think I've forgotten you, I may just be really tired since I don't often take pain medications, frankly I hate taking them, and I'm often feeling worn out or just really moody and not in the mood to talk. On the other hand I really cheer up when people message me so don't feel like you'd be being a bother. I get bursts of energy and poke people but again since my boss can watch my screen it may not happen often during the weekdays. Weekends I'll hopefully be more available, I was planning on playing 'catch up' this weekend buuuutttt this weekend was in short a freaking disaster so I was unable to touch my computer until earlier today and well had to do my tax returns and such. So this week or weekend I'll get back to my writing.... I hope.

I'm taking a couple of writing courses as well in pursuit of earning money to move out and to hopefully achieve my dream of having the writer's life, a life of freedom away from the 9-5 desk job, being able to work from home anywhere and not have to answer to anyone but myself. So researching, reading, and practicing will be taking a chunk of my time as well.

I do love my current job, I really do, my co-workers are nice, it's wonderful seeing my aunt almost every day and my boss is pretty chill, it's just not what I want in life. That and the amount of stupid customers I deal with on a regular basis really pisses me off xD but alas that is what happens when you work with the public.

So again, I'm trying to pull everything back together, and those that have stuck with me thank you so much for your patience >.<


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