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HSV [Civi]- Yori the Bartender by AisteachSam
HSV [Civi]- Yori the Bartender

Yori is the more mild mannered of the Warashi twins. By day he volunteers his time at the animal clinic, by night he's shaking up drinks and lending an ear to those that need it

He likes to offer a hand or advice to those that need it, which is why bartender was a perfect position for him [originally was going to work for the animal clinic but then it was brought to my attention HSV HAS NO OFFICIAL BARTENDERS]. He's a pretty chill guy and the type to go along with things. He likes guys and gals, has no real preference. But if he has to choose between bringing home a ready and willing lady/gentleman, or a puppy/kitty. He'll pick up the animal without hesitation and start baby talking it as he walks it to his apartment. In his mind he prefers the unconditional love of an animal then the temporary warm embrace of a hook up. But don't get me wrong, he does like to hook up.

He's the type to laugh at bad jokes, and makes bad jokes as well. If you're an animal lover you're his new BFF. Rumor has it he is the inventor of the famed 'Pink Drink'.

Yori Warashi (c) AisteachSam
HSV [Civi] - Yoru the musical therapist by AisteachSam
HSV [Civi] - Yoru the musical therapist
The more dominating and masculine of the Warashi twins. Yoru spending his days pleasing clients at the village's spa, then at night he sings to the stars [and food].

He is overall a decent guy, but if you have boobs and a pair of legs you'll get alot of attention from him :eyes: He tends to get bored easily and likes to call the shots. One of of his favorite hobbies is to dress in a bar tender uniform just like Yori's but a different colored bowtie just so when someone goes 'Hey wasn't your tie green?' he'll just go 'nah man, it was pink all night, you're drunk go home. >C'. Before anyone asks, yes Yori is aware of his brother screwing with his customers and just finds it hilarious. 

The guy is kinda a peacock. Loves to show off and get attention [especially form the ladies]. For gigs if you let him eat all he wants he really won't ask for money. Yoru is a bit vain so he likes to work out to keep dem abs and dat butt that the ladies go craycray for~

Yoru Warashi (c) AisteachSam
Kou looked at the academy from afar as he hung out on a tree branch. He had really mixed feelings seeing the building, it was a confusing, emotional time... It created a painful ping in his heart thinking of the boy he use to be, that only wanted to be loved for who he was.

'If you really want to keep indulging in such a shameful existence, don't bother coming back.'

Those words still stung as much as they did on the day his father said them to him. Kou felt the sensation of tears prodding at his eyes. He shook his head and lifted his glasses to wipe his eyes. No he can't think about his parents, they were a poison in his mind.

But still, he climbed down from the tree, and ventured closer to the school. He looked up at the building as he placed a hand on the wall. 

Did they miss him at all?

Did they even think about him?

Was it possible they pretended he never existed and had another child to start all over again? If they did... would they at least treat them better then they treated Kou? The Byakko certainly hoped so, he would never wish how he felt during his childhood on his worse enemy.

He didn't take any picture of them with him when he left, but he remembered their scowls so clearly. How his father's jaw tightened, how his lips twitched, the slight flare of the nostrils when he was upset with Kou's behavior. The disdainful, dead eyed look he got from his mother when she was disappointed with him. He did not recall ever seeing one of them smile. The suffocating, negative aura that was their house still put weight on his heart whenever he ventured near the Byakko compound. 

"Why didn't you ever understand me?" he whispered. A question that remained unanswered in his twenty years of life. He could almost see his younger self standing right here, right where he was standing, asking the same question with tear filled eyes.

"Why don't you love me?" was what his heart wanted to ask.

He stood out in the academy, that much was certain. Bullies didn't like his cheery attitude and took to pushing him around in the halls. Kou was quite clever and combating them, they apparently didn't like hugs. They seem to be allergic to them or something, because they would shove the boy off them and call him names before running off. And they stayed away from the 'weirdo' ever since. Obviously the power of Kou's love was too strong for the other boys' hate.

The academy was the only place he could figure out who he was. He acted out a bit, he followed his gut, he followed his heart. He knew what his parents wanted him to be, but what did Kou want. That was an answer he couldn't find at home, but of course, word of how he acted at school circled back to his parents.

'Are you hell bent on embarrassing us?'

'These shameful acts need to stop boy, you are a Byakko, act like it.'

'We can't show our faces in this compound because of you.'

'Why can't you be normal like the other Byakko children?'

'You really just want to break your mother's heart don't you?'

'You've brought us nothing but shame since the moment you were born boy.'

'Sometimes I wonder why we didn't just give you up the moment we knew you were off.'

His heart became heavy as he remembered at the backhanded comments, the guilting, the scoldings... Didn't they realize how much it hurt deep inside? He was like any other child wanting his parents approval, but being what they wanted him to be only put more weigh on his heart. Having to restrain himself, control himself, lock himself away and be a shell of who he was. Why?


"Kou?" came a familiar voice as he blinked and was yanked out of his thoughts feeling a hand on his cheek, he didn't even realize he had started crying. He sniffled and looked at the brown haired woman in front of him, "C-Cuz?" he nearly choked out.

Kanmuri smiled softly wiping his eyes, "Whats wrong? Why are you crying?"

"I-I... um," he looked at her, for once he didn't know what to say. As he was about to lie and say 'nothing', she quickly caught on, giving him a 'don't you dare give me bullshit' look. A pathetic whimper escaped his throat instead of the lie, but then he closed his mouth again. He took a breath to collect himself, and he wiped his eyes feeling a couple new tears, "M-Memories...."

She frowned at him, knowing exactly what was on her clansmen's mind. She wasn't upset with him, but more angry with his parents for rejecting their son. Kou was a sweet man, a bit unique, but a good man. He acted like everything was alright, but she knew there were still scars on his heart. It was part of the reason his smile was so bright, so he could forget the pain no parent should inflict upon their child. She would still love and accept Natsu if he acted like Kou, why couldn't his parents? Kan wished she could have done something for him, but there was really nothing she could have done. It wasn't her place to anyways. Kou was more likely better off cutting them out of his life. "Well that's not good is it?"

"I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't be even thinking about it. I-It's just... I-I was here and the memories started and it went there and I-"

"Shhh..." she shushed him, "It's alright."

Kou nodded, but he gave a light chuckle hearing his stomach growl, "m-maybe I'm just hungry..."

"I think you need dinner," she smiled a bit.

"D-Dinner sounds good... How's L-Little Cuz?"

"Come to dinner and you'll see him," Kanmuri smiled. Kou looked at her and returned the smile, he gave a last sniffle and hugged his fellow Byakko. Kan was at first caught off guard, but hugging was kinda Kou's thing, she only shook her head and returned it patting his back. "Come on, Natsu would love to see his favorite cousin."

"I'm glad I'm his favorite, because he's my favorite... little cousin," he grinned pulling back. Not having his parents around hurt him in ways not even he understood, but as he tagged along with Kanmuri back to her place, he reminded himself, between Kanmuri, Raiden, Natsu, Reika, and all his friends, he had all the family he needed.

If they didn't want to be a part of that. It was their loss.
HSV - The Most Loneliest Day of My Life
JUNE : It seems like just yesterday that you were graduating the academy yourself; take this time to reflect on your growth and experiences since that time so long ago.

Kou... didn't have a great childhood. His parents were very strict Byakko, and weren't very happy with their eccentric son. They never raised a hand to him, but they often talked down to him and guilted him for doing what made him happy. I really don't think they realized how much it hurt him to not be himself. They weren't doing it to be cruel, they wanted a proper son, but at the same time, what they did was not acceptable.

So this is a bit of insight to why Kou is the way he is, and it was a great chance to start showing Kou and Kanmuri's relationship, since Kan is a bit of a second mother to him [even though they are close in age].

Kou Byakko (c) AisteachSam
Kanmuri Byakko-Yuki (c) Rikku9314


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