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February 21, 2012
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Before going onto the long wall of text, this Reference sheet was made by =IncarnadineDivine :love: She's accepting commissions and I promise you won't be sorry if you do commission her ---> Commission Journal <---

here's the original ---> <--- [also bigger size to read the text >>]

btw, her boobs looks so big cause her vest is constricting them xD ladys go ahead press your boobs, you know it makes them look bigger, Divi was just doing proper boobie anatomy, and it's an iron fishnet shirt like Anko's >>



Name symbol:


Clan Symbol:

Nick Names:

Meaning behind name(s):

Eri - Japanese for "Blessed Prize"
Sincera - Latin for "Pure"
Pet - Tobi's 'pet' name for her


March 17th

Zodiac sign(s):

Chinese Astrological sign:

Western Astrological sign:


Chakra Element(s):
Wind then Water, very shaky on Earth element.


51 kg

General physical description:
Eri trains very often so she can stay on the top of her game so her physique is on the muscular side. It is in her genetics to have big breast, Eri always had the hope that if she trains enough they would get smaller, unfortunately for her it has not helped as much as she'd like. She wears her white hair long and likes to keep her style simple just by tying it back and letting her bangs frame her face. She also has blue eyes and wide 'child baring' hips

Name one scar your character has, and tell us where it came from. If they donít have any, is there a reason?
Eri's bloodline is that of 'healing blood' so whatever injuries she obtains they usually heal faster than they would on a normal person, thus even if the injury was suppose to scar the scar would fade away in a matter of weeks or months. So she doesn't have any permanent scars. She does have a birthmark on her body in the shape of a wolf's head, but that is the result of her parents performing 'the Ritual' while her mother was pregnant with her, the birthmark works as her contract with her summons.

Dress style:
Eri originally opted for comfortable, and modest yet functional clothing. But her sensei Anko Mitarashi had other ideas once she had trained her for a bit. When Eri first put on her vest, it had a solid shirt beneath it. Eri was happy with it since it constricted her breasts but to her frustration made them seem bigger. Anko wasn't happy with the shirt and pressured her student to wear a iron fishnet shirt similar to hers that would simply go under her vest. Eri didn't like it and made a bet with Anko, if she lost, she would wear the shirt. Obviously the poor girl lost but after a bit she began it accept it.

Immediate family:
Mother - Naoko Sincera
Father - Makoto Sincera
Siblings - Yoichi Sincera - elder brother
Kail Sincera - younger brother
Kiyomi Sincera - younger sister

Current family:
Only her elder brother Yoichi

Current living arrangements:
Living with her brother in an 2 bedroom apartment in Konoha

Konoha [Leaf Village]

Family background (parents, previous marriages, etc.):
Eri had her parents until she was eight, then a hired assassin came and killed both her parents, then accidently killed her siblings when he was trying to get them to stop screaming and crying. The man then planned to kidnap Eri and sell her on the black market but her older brother Yoichi came home in time to stop him. She lived with her brother until he disappeared on a mission when she was nineteen, she was told that he had died.

Kayo Nori, then Anko Mitarashi

Relationship status:
In a relationship with Tobi

Describe your characterís relationship with their mother or their father, or both.
Eri's mother Naoko was a very living woman who liked to teach her daughter. Eri unfortunately did not have an interest in the things her mother was trying to teach her. While Naoko tried teaching her how to cook and other domestic duties Eri was running around with her older brother and Itachi wanting to be a ninja. Eri's father Makoto encouraged her activities and enjoyed spending time with her when he didn't have duties he had to perform as the Sincera clan leader.

Are there any blood relatives that your character is particularly close with, besides the immediate ones? Are there any others that your character practically considers a blood relative?
Eri had a good bond with her brother's girlfriend Setsuna. She seemed like a nice girl and was a very pleasant change from the other women Yoichi had dated. Setsuna was a curious women who liked what the Sincera siblings had to offer, before she knew it Eri was considering the women family.

Who does your character trust?
It takes a bit to gain Eri's trust, but she finds that she can trust her brother, Setsuna, her old sensei Kayo, Itachi and Tobi. She has trust in her sensei Anko, but she finds her trust to be shaky as some points considering Anko's personality

Relationship with men:
Eri keeps her guard up around men more than women because she knows she could possibly be overpowered and taken advantage of. Other than that she tends to prefer the company of men because they tend to be upfront about things.

Relationship with women:
Eri finds herself to be a bit judgmental around other women. If they impress her she tends be nice and try to learn from them if she can, if they don't impress her she tends to look down on them and wonder why they bothered to be a ninja.

Special Jonin

Specific Clan Jutsu:
The Sincera 'Healing Blood' has thinned over generations due to members marrying outside the clan, but the Sincera blood does not only consist of healing properties. The Sincera clan had learned to use their blood as a weapon using the Wind nature or else dubbed 'Blood Hardening'. It is a tricky technique to learn, and if used recklessly can lead to hypotension, anemia and other side effects caused by blood loss. The users can cut themselves to let out their blood then using chakra shapes and hardens their own blood into a weapon, then infuse the weapon with the Wind nature to sharpen it. It takes many different forms depending on the user and the situation in which it is used. Eri is still shaky in the technique since Yoichi never mastered it and he is her only teacher on the subject, so she rarely uses the technique herself. A typical form she'll use is to slice her knuckles, use her chakra to make spikes form, then use her wind natured chakra to sharpen the spikes. This ninjutsu she had dubbed her 'Slicing Punch'. She also takes advantage of the technique whenever she gains a cut from the enemy, usually hardening her blood into a makeshift shield. This technique along with her purified healing bloodline makes Eri a sturdy opponent even though her fighting skills are not the strongest. A poison exists that completely hinders the Sincera bloodline, wither it be healing or hardening, if the poison is absorbed into the bloodstream of a Sincera they are not able to use their blood for any technique, and it goes further to prevent the blood from naturally clotting if cut, causing temporary Hemophilia.

Jutsu Status: [In range 0-5]

Ninjutsu - 4
Taijutsu - 4
Genjutsu - 2
Intelligence (Cunning) - 4
Force (power) - 3
Speed - 5
Stamina (Chakra amount) - 4
Seal Knowledge - 1

Ninjitsu Techniques:

Chikatsu Saisei no Jutsu (Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique)
Futon: Daitoppa (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough)
Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique)
Kamaitachi no Jutsu (Cutting Whirlwind Technique)
Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Release: Water Encampment Wall)

Genjutsu Techniques:

Kori shinchu no jutsu (Sly mind affect technique)
Flower Petal Escape

Taijutsu Techniques:

Surprise Shadow
Marugoshi Ken Hikite (Unarmed Blade Catch)
Painful Sky Leg
Speed Drill

Weapons of choice:
Needles, Kunai

Favourite foods:
Raman, Rice, Curry, Soba and Nikujaga

Favourite pastimes:
Eri mostly trains, but she also likes to train her mind by doing puzzles

As much as Eri deson't like to admit it she enjoys cooking and likes to talk walks.

Is there one event or happening your character would like to erase from their past? Why?
Eri would like to forget how powerless she was to save her family. Her father told her to protect her siblings but she was separated from them and wasn't able to save them. With both her parents dead Eri tried to hide her younger brother so she could go save their sister but the assassin knocked her out. To this day Eri still blames herself and calls herself a coward. She believes she might as well killed them herself since their parents had trusted her but she failed them.

Mental State:
Mostly balanced, tends to drink when stressed

Strongest positive personality trait:
Eri is a protective person and does her best to be strong.

Strongest negative personality trait:
When she's stressed she becomes snappy and almost always turns to drinking to get the edge off.

Misc. quirks [personality wise]
Her attitude towards others is entirely based on her opinion or her feelings on them, if she doesn't know the person she tends to be untrusting and withdrawn until she knows the person better. Towards acquaintances and family she is very loyal and loving as long as her trust isn't betrayed. To enemies she rarely hides behind a facade of kindness unless it is necessary, if she doesn't like someone she'd let them know, often coming of as a bitch or snotty and often trying to keep the upperhand over the person. She also doesn't like lying.

Sense of humor:
Light, will even give a small laugh at bad jokes.

Moderate, can get a little testy as some points

Consideration for others:
Eri usually considers others before herself, especially her family and if children are involved

How other people see him/her:
It often depends on how Eri acts around them, usually they find her to be a hard working kunoichi, but people she didn't take to think she's uptight, arrogant and a bit bitchy

Opinion of him/herself:
Eri is very self critical, doesn't like where her skill level is and always believes she could have done more.

How vain is your character? Do they find themselves attractive?
She doesn't think much in the way of how she looks, if she doesn't look like a slob she's okay with it

What is your character afraid of? What keeps him or her up at night?
She afraid of being powerless again, she's also afraid of becoming completely dependent on one person for happiness.

What does your character think is his or her worst quality?
Her fighting skills

What do other people think your character's worst quality is?
That she doesn't know her limits as well as she thinks she does, often think she might get herself killed

In what situation would your character become violent?
In a mission where fighting would be involved or if someone she cares about is in danger.

In what situation would your character act heroic?
If there's someone that needs saving she'll do her best to be there

Philosophy of life:
"Cowards die many times before their deaths,
The valiant never taste of death but once." Shakespeare


Eri Sincera, Sincera clan (c) =AnimeChick17
Art (c) =IncarnadineDivine
Naruto (c) Kishi [rotten story ruining bastard xD]
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